The First Clan Leaders Art by Silverzoul on DevaintArt

There are tons of leaders in the Warrior cats books, from the first clans leaders to the current ones. Some leaders are kind, and caring, while others are not. 

Here I’m going to split it into two sections: StarClan/good leaders and Dark Forest/bad leaders. 

StarClan/good leaders

The good leaders, the ones we’ll start with.

Good leaders are the ones who care about their clans, and aren’t led by their own ambitions but lead for the good of the clan. They take only as much territory as needed, and will still respect the other clans. 

One of the example leaders I would say had these traits wasBluestar, (Before Tigerstar betrays her) ). 

She respected the other clans, but didn’t let the other clans think ThunderClan was weak. She was fierce and was always ready to lay down a life for her clan or clanmates. 

The good leaders in StarClan respect the warrior code, and even if they wanted to be deputy, they would cheer for their other clanmate. These good leaders listen to their clanmates ideas. Most leaders are like this, but there are also many that aren’t.

Dark Forest/bad leaders

Bad leaders are full of dirty ambition, usually for revenge, to take over all the clans or other things.

 They are not very nice to their clanmates, and think they are the best at most things. Bad leaders  don’t want weak cats, and are always battle training. They start battles, take unnecessary territory, and kill more cats than they need to. 

A good example of this is Brokenstar, he was evil. 

He made young kits under the age of six moons train for battle, while many of them died, making the queens suffer. 

He kicked out the elders. But when you think about it, he shouldn’t because the elders are/were very strong especially to have survived things like battles or sicknesses.

Brokenstar didn’t care about that, he just saw the elders bodies,  how they were weak in their old age and needed other cats to take care of them. But elders are so wise. 

Brokenstar also went into unnecessary battles and shed so much blood. He tried to get the other clans to give him territory and chased WindClan out of their own home. 

Examples of these leaders include: Brokenstar and Tigerstar.

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