Bad queens in Warriors

Queens are the she-cats who take care of kits or are expecting kits. Some she-cats stay queens their whole life in a clan. Like Daisy, she was not good at hunting or fighting, and had little interest in it and felt the same about becoming a medicine cat. She knew she was good at taking care of kits, and decided to become a queen who would always be a queen, she gave birth to may kits and helped younger queens or older queens, Even if it wasn’t some cats first time kitting, Daisy would help.

Most queens love their kits and care for them all equally. They are kind and caring to their kits and would give up their life for them.

But, there are also some bad queens. Like Rainflower and Palebird. Here are my reasons I would call them bad queens;

Rainflower Art by Roseshards on tumblr

Spoiler for Crookedstar’s Promise


Rainflower is just plain mean. She was a queen in RiverClan. She loved Crookedstar as a kit when he was Stormkit, she knew he was going to be a strong warrior. You could say Stormkit (Crookedkit) was her favorite kit, until…..Stormkit broke his jaw. He couldn’t eat, so be became smaller than the older kits and his brother. He was frail. Once Rainflower saw Stormkit’s face she said: “His face!! His handsome face!”.

And from that point on, she was mean to him. She made Hailstar give Stormkit the name Crookedkit.

Rainflower gave Crookedkit his own nest in the Nursery. Shellheart, who was the father to Crookedkit, was furious. He even broke up with Rainflower because of the way Rainflower treated Crookedkit.

Rainflower still treasured Crookedkit’s brother Oakkit, even thought Oakkit wanted Crookedkit to sleep with him and other things. Rainflower even asked Hailstar if Shellheart could mentor Oakkit, when usually family members do not mentor each other.

Rainflower died beside the river that was the border or RiverClan and ThunderClan, and in my opinion, got what she deserved.


Palebird by Songsteps on DevaintArt

Spoilers for Tallstar’s Revenge.

Palebird was the mother of Tallstar. She was a queen in WindClan.

She had a hard kitting and Tallkit’s (Star’s) sister Finchkit died at birth. She was always mourning, so Tallkit never got to be comforted. He thought it was his job to comfort her because she was frail and always sad.

Palebird was a Tunneller in WindClan and so was her mate, Sandgorse. They both wanted Tallkit to become a Tunneller, even though Tallkit didn’t want to. They were very disappointed and mad when Tallkit was apprenticed to a cat that was not a Tunneller. Neither of them talked to Tallkit now Tallpaw after that, especially Sandgorse.

Palebird is not as bad as Rainflower, but she still should have encouraged her kit to follow his dreams and not have to be what he didn’t want to be.

Those are the bad queens in my opinion in Warriors.

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I love cats and Warrior cats, I've read most of the books and I am waiting for the newest Warriors book to come out. I have a cat and a dog. I love reading and drawing(Mainly cats). I live in Canada.

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    1. I agree, I didn’t think of that! But, I really think she’s a great character, even if she didn’t really care that much about her other kits like Bumblestripe too.

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