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Medicine Cat herb guide

* Do not try these herbs yourself, as this list is from information in the books and I am not a Dr.!*

Here is the guide from the ultimate warrior cats wiki:

Alder Bark

This is used for tooth aches.

Beech Leaves

These are used to carry other herbs in.

Blackberry Leaves

You chew these into a pulp and it eases the swelling of bee stings.

Borage Leaves

Usually chewed by nursing queens, they helps to produce more milk. They also ease fevers.

Burdock Root

It is chewed into a pulp and eases the pain of a rat bite.


It is a traveling herb. It keeps a cat’s strength up.


They pull the burrs off and put them where the poultice is and it stops the poultice from rubbing off.


It is eaten to cure greencough or whitecough, two commom sicknesses.


The juices are squeezed into the eye to soothe the effects of a damaged eyes.


It is eaten to strengthen the heart or soothe the mind, they also put in traveling herbs to give a cat strength.


The juices are chewed out of the root or leaves. It is used for bellyache or infected wounds. It can also be used in kitting.


This treats greencough.

Cob Nuts

These are made into an ointment, the reason being is still unknown.


Put on the wound and is used to stop or slow the bleeding of a wound, it can also be used to bind broken bones.


The leaves are chewed into a poultice and are used to ease breathing and can also be used to treat cracked pads.

Comfrey Root

The roots are chewed into a poultice and can be used for a variety of things including- repairing broken bones, soothing wounds, wrenched claws, used for itching, and for inflammation and stiff joints.

Daisy Leaf

They are chewed into a paste and used for aching joints, and as a traveling herb.


Leaves chewed for a painkiller and the white paste in the stem soothes bee stings.


Soothes scratches and sore pads, though can sting when applied.


The stalks are broken and the juice is squeezed into the mouth and it eases hip pain.


It is eaten to chill fever and to ease aches, mostly headaches.


It is chewed into a poultice and is good for healing wounds.

Heather Flower

It is mixed into herbal mixtures, it makes swallowing easier and sweetens the mixture.


It is eaten or is soaked in moss and given, it soothes infections, smoke damaged or sore throats, and it helps cats swallow other herbal mixtures.


It is chewed into a poultice and applied to wounds, it is used to stop infection.

Ivy Leaf

ShadowClan cats use this to store other herbs in.

Juniper Berries

The berries are chewed and eaten, they help bellyache, give strength, soothes troubles breathing, and helps calm cats down.

Lamb’s Ear

This herb gives a cat strength.


This herb can hide the scent of death, used in vigils for leaders, it also cures fever or chills.

Mallow Leaves

Mallow is eaten to soothe bellyache.


The petals and leaves are chewed into a poultice the juice can be used as well. It stops infection, stops bleeding, and is used for inflammation and stiff joints.


It is rubbed on the dead body to hide the scent of death.

Mouse Bile

This is extracted from the mouse and used to kill ticks. It smells bad but wild garlic can hide this scent.

Oak Leaf

It is dried, it stops infection from setting in.


This is eaten to stop a queen from producing milk, it also cures bellyache.

Poppy Seed

These are chewed on to put a cat to sleep, ease shock or distress, it eases pain and is not recommended for nursing queens.

Ragwort Leaf

They are crushed and chewed on and can be mixed with juniper berries, they keep a cat’s strength up and help aching joints.


This gives cats extra strength and energy.

Raspberry Leaf

It is a painkiller, stops bleeding and could possibly stop bleeding during a kitting.


This also hides the scent of death.


It is used for broken bones, it keeps a broken limb in place.


Applied to wounds and heals poison.


It is eaten as a traveling herb, which means it most likely keeps a cat’s strength up or keeps them from getting hungry.

Stinging Nettle

They are either swallowed for a cat who has eaten poison, for it enduces vomiting and for swelling, it is chewed into a poultice to put on wounds, and mixed with comfrey it can help heal broken bones.


It is eaten but only in small doses, it cures coughs and helps prevent greencough, soothes sore throats, and is used to cure wounds and poison.


It is chewed and then put on the wound, the roots are good for all wounds and extracting poison.


Leaves are chewed on to called anxiety, nervousness, and cats who are in shock.

Traveling Herbs

They consist of sorrel, daisy, chamomile, and burnet, cats must eat before traveling long distances because it keeps up strength and keeps them from getting hungry.


Chewed into a pulp and then eaten, it eases suffering from a bellyache, can also hide the scent of death.

Wild Garlic

You must roll in it, it prevents infection, especially from a rat bite.

Willow Bark

Willow bark eases pain.


It treats wounds and some poisons.


The leaves are chewed into a poultice and either eaten or spread on a wound. Yarrow extracts poison from wounds and will make a cat vomit up toxins. And ointment will help soften and heal cracked pads.

In the warriors series, there are a lot of poisons too, here are the list of those

Deathberries/Yew Berries/ Night Seeds

Kills a cat within a minute after consumed.

Foxglove Seeds

Can cause paralysis and heart failure.

Holly Berries

It is unknown what they do only that they are poisonous, they may either kill you or make you sick.


They are poisonous and sometimes they are used to put a cat out of its misery

Water Hemlock

Causes writhing and foaming at the mouth.

Here is the medicine cat code:

1. A medicine cat must never fall in love or take a mate.

2. A medicine cat must never have kits.

3. A medicine cat can only retire when their apprentice is ready to take their place.

4. A medicine cat only shares dreams with Starclan.

5. A medicine cat may only discuss dreams, prophecies, or omens with their leader or the other medicine cats at their monthly meeting.

6. A medicine cat will never let personal feelings in the way of his or her duties.

7. Medicine cats are outside of Clan rivalries.

8. A medicine cat may be trained as a warrior before becoming a medicine cat, but a medicine cat cannot become a normal warrior.

9. Medicine cats are outside clan rivalries but they still must learn basic fighting moves.

10. Medicine cats cannot reject any injured cats.

11. A medicine cat must be able to interpret signs from Starclan.

12. A medicine cat must do everything in their power to save a cat.

13. A medicine cat must give it’s life to save a cat.


Published by Nat

Hi! I'm Natalie. I live in Canada with my family, my dog and my cat. I enjoy reading, writing and drawing. I'm super into Warrior Cats, Marvel and Lord of the Rings. I love cats, ungulates, squirrels and most other animals.

6 thoughts on “Medicine Cat herb guide

  1. Hi There Natalie, First off, I am following on Benny’s account, would you rather I had my own? My question is, chewing blackberry leaves and using them on bee stings, does that work for humans also? Some of my favorite books use real herb healing information and I find it so fascinating!!!! Is this something you love about the books? – Shannon Oaks

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    1. You can use his account! I think it works on humans because the authors of Warrior took all the herbs and uses from actual things. So it might be true, but I’m not sure so don’t try it unless you are very sure! And I do like how they use real herbs in the books, it’s not exactly one of my favorite things, but it’s still pretty cool!


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