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Tallstar’s Revenge

*Spoilers: Tallstar Revenge*

Tallstar’s Revenge cover

Tallstar’s Revenge is my favourite super edition so far. I know some people don’t like it, but that’s their opinion on it.

Tallstar’s Revenge introduces one of my favourite characters as well – Jake. He is an awesome character and really helps Tallstar on his journey to avenge his father’s death. Jake is so happy and cute. I really want to smush his chubby face. He is so kind and really gets Tallstar’s spirits up.

I also loved this special edition because Tallstar is one of my favourite characters. He is so wise and kind in the first series. This book takes a little bit of a different approach, Tallstar isn’t very calm at all or wise, he is more grumpy and mean at a part of the book.

It starts out when Tallstar is just a kit. His mother and father want him to become a Tunneller for the clan. But that isn’t Tallkit’s dream. His father, Sandgorse, tries to get him to like Tunnelling by showing him how to do it. Sandgorse shows him a small hole that Tallkit can try out on and Sandgorse says his tall tail will help him if he gets stuck. Tallkit tries and pretty much hates it, as the hole collapses on him. He goes to his mother for comfort but doesn’t get a lot. His mother is just always morning Tallkit’s dead sister Finchkit. His mother, Palebird, is weak from kitting, but she should have had the energy to take care of her kit. Tallkit thinks it’s his duty to comfort his mother, when it should be the other way around.

Tallkit is bullied by his best friend’s brother, Shrewclaw (At the time Shrewkit), Shrewkit calls Tallkit “Wormkit”. Tallkit’s friend, Barkkit, and his brother become apprentices before Tallkit. When Tallkit becomes an apprentice, he is given a mentor who is not a Tunneller. His parents are furious, especially Tallpaw’s father. The Tunnelers are furious, saying that there has not been a Tunneler apprentice in moons.

Tallpaw is disappointed that his mother and father are disappointed in him, but Tallpaw is happy he doesn’t have to be in the Tunnels. Tallpaw’s mentor was Dawnstripe. He trained happily as a Moor Runner, but is still haunted by the fact that his parents wanted him to become a Tunneler. I’m not going to get into detail about the whole story, if you want to see that go to this link:

After Tallpaw’s first gathering, the visitors arrive. Sparrow soon sympathizes with Tallpaw, and Tallpaw trusts him… until later. Sparrow wants to be shown the tunnels that the Tunnelers where working on. These are the tunnels that Heatherstar made them abandon because it was to dangerous. Sandgores agrees to show Sparrow, and while in the tunnel, the tunnel starts to collapse. Sparrow is the only to run out of the tunnel while Sandgorse dies.

Tallpaw blames Sparrow for his father’s death and asks to become a Tunneler. Palebird is delighted, so are the other Tunnelers, but Heatherstar says no and bans Tunnelling. Tallpaw is furious. He spends his apprentice days as a Moor Runner and gets the warrior name Talltail. After that, he goes on a journey to avenge his father’s death by killing Sparrow (which he doesn’t), who he believed was the reason Sandgorse died.

In the end, it turns out Sandgorse had died saving Sparrow, Sandgorse had held the tunnel up while Sparrow had escaped. Talltail leaves Sparrow and goes back to his clan and becomes deputy and then leader.

Tallstar’s Revenge is a nice way to see what happened in Tallstar’s life before he was a leader. He changed so much after the journey with Jake to avenge his father. And I wonder if Jake helped him change, probably, as Kate Cary said in her head, she sees Tallstar and Jake as mates.

Here are the mistakes from Tallstar’s Revenge, which can be found on the Warriors Wiki:

  • Hawkheart has his full medicine cat name during Heatherstar’s nine lives ceremony despite being listed as a medicine cat apprentice while she is leader in Goosefeather’s Curse.
  • Sandgorse is mistakenly described with green eyes.
  • Mistmouse is mistakenly described as ginger.
  • Hickorynose is described with a gray pelt.
  • Stagleap is called by his apprentice name twice, despite having been made a warrior a half moon before. However, this could be because Talltail was thinking about his apprenticeship.
  • In the allegiances, Blizzardwing is mentioned as a warrior and Moonflower is mentioned as a queen, yet both are seen as apprentices at the Gathering.
  • Sunfall is mistakenly described as golden.
  • Moonflower is mistakenly described with blue eyes.
  • Dappletail is seen leading Fuzzypaw and Robinpaw to the Moonstone, despite them being already warriors when she is an apprentice.
  • Redclaw is mistakenly described as tawny.
  • Leaf-bare is mistakenly called winter.
  • Heatherstar is mistakenly described with purple eyes.
  • Appledawn is mistakenly called a tom.
  • Pixie is mistakenly called a tom.
  • Red is mistakenly called tawny.
  • Brackenwing is described as tawny.
  • Mudclaw is said to be a kit in the nursery when Tallstar became leader in Starlight, but in this book, he is shown as a warrior when Tallstar is going to receive his nine lives.
  • Flailfoot and Whiteberry are mistakenly described as she-cats.

Here is Tallstar’s information:

Mother: Palebird

Father: Sandgorse

Sibling: Finchkit

Mentor: Dawnstripe

Apprentice: Deadfoot

Names: Tallkit, Tallpaw, Talltail and Tallstar.

Current clan: StarClan

Clan: WindClan

Role before death: Leader

I hope you enjoyed this post on Tallstar’s Revenge.


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