*Spoilers: Read most the books! Elders are in them!*

Art by ~Obsidian~ on warriors amino, she does not want her drawings stolen or traised.

Elders are awesome. They are so wise and kind, or grumpy, I don’t know why, I just love old grumpy cats. If you think about it, elders are pretty much the strongest cats in the clans, or were. To become an elder, you have to survive sicknesses and battles all the time. Even though the warrior code says not to kill people, they kill people all the time!!!!!!!!

My favourite elder is definitely Purdy. He is great and funny, and I love how he has a little accent. What’s not to love about him? I can’t believe he died! Boo hooo.

Elders are so wise. I love the connection the first elders had with Cloudpaw. They tried to give him have a punishment, like clearing their ticks, but he would do it anyway because he loves the elders. Elders are a nice way to grow old in Warrior cats (Not for Thornclaw, of course). Elders are the ones who tell all the stories to the young kits. They’re just so awesome. That’s all I have to say.

This post was pretty short. I hoped you enjoyed it anyway!

Published by Nat

I love cats and Warrior cats, I've read most of the books and I am waiting for the newest Warriors book to come out. I have a cat and a dog. I love reading and drawing(Mainly cats). I live in Canada.

3 thoughts on “Elders

    1. Mousefur is great. And so is Purdy, I mean, who doesn’t like him? And yes, I like that about Cloudtail, it was just so cute to see that relationship.


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