Fallen Leaves

*Spoilers: The Power Of Three, and Omen Of The Stars*

Fallen Leaves by Silverzoul

(Information from Warriors Wiki)

(Information from Warriors Wiki)

Fallen Leaves is one of the ancient cats. During his assessment to become a sharpclaw, he drowned in the tunnel. His spirit wandered the tunnel for countless moons after his whole family had left for the mountains to become part of the Tribe Of Rushing Water. When Jayfeather met Rock in the tunnels, he also met Fallen Leaves. Fallen Leaves befriended Jayfeather, and when Hollyleaf left for the tunnels, Fallen Leaves befriended her. In The Power Of Three series, Fallen Leaves helps Hollypaw, Lionpaw, Heatherpaw, Breezepaw and Jaypaw when they go looking for the lost WindClan kits in the tunnels. But only Jaypaw can see Fallen Leaves.

Jaypaw seeks him out later, meeting Fallen Leaves in the tunnels, but declines to stay, leaving poor Fallen Leaves alone again.

Later in the Omen Of The Stars series, he appears to Jayfeather in a dream with Rock. 

When Blossomfall and Ivypool get stuck in the tunnels, Fallen Leaves tries to help them, but it’s really Hollyleaf.

He takes part in the battle against the Dark Forest, and is devastated when Hawkforst kills Hollyleaf.

However, he reunites with his mother, Broken Shadow, and the rest of the Tribe Of Endless Hunting, and joins them.

In Hollyleaf’s Story, Fallen Leaves meets Hollyleaf when she is injured by a tunnel collapse, and nurses her back to health. Fallen Leaves gives her a tour of the tunnels. Hollyleaf offers to help Fallen leaves find his family, but Fallen Leaves refuses to leave, believing his mother will come for him someday. Hollyleaf tells Fallen Leaves all about ThunderClan, and Fallen Leaves sees that she misses ThunderClan a lot. He says goodbye to her when Hollyleaf leaves to go back to ThunderClan.

Fallen Leaves is a a scrawny, sleek, ginger-and-white patched tom. He has green eyes, a white muzzle, and small paws.

Parents: Broken Shadow and Stone Song.

Siblings: Unknown kits.

Current: The Tribe Of Endless Hunting.

Past: The Ancients.

Death: Drowned.

Names: Fallen Leaves.

Position: Softpaw before death.

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