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Who is my most hated warrior cat?

This question was asked for Warrior Wednesday by ♣M!a♪. Here is the whole question: “Who is your most hated warrior cat? And why? Are they evil or good? Are they a kittypet or rogue or loner? And if they’re dead, how do you think they would have affected the story if they were still alive?”

*Spoilers: Read at least the first four series and Yellowfang’s secrect.*

It’s hard to chose my most hated warrior cat! Hm…….. either Ashfur or Brokenstar. I’m going to say Brokenstar.

Brokenstar by Spottedfire23 on DevaintArt

I don’t like him because of his actions in the books.

  • He killed kits and blamed it on the medicine cat, leaving poor Runningnose as the only medicine cat.
  • He made kits apprentices before they where 6 moons.
  • He made the elders live in the forest, hunting and fending for themselves.
  • He stole ThunderClan kits.
  • He had no care for his clan.
  • He was full of only ambition.
  • He killed the leader to become leader.
  • He plotted with Tigerclaw to attack ThunderClan.
  • He drove WindClan out of their territory.
  • He was on the Dark Forest’s side for the battle against the Dark Forest.

If I forgot any, tell me.

Here are the answers to all the other questions:

Are they evil or good? They are evil.

Are they a kittypet, rogue or loner? He is a Warrior then Leader.

And if they’re dead, how do you think they would have affected the story if they were still alive? They are dead, but they affected the story after anyway. Brokenstar was a leader in the Dark Forest. Yet, if he were still in the story, he might have had some effect, like trying to get revenge on Yellowfang.

He would have tried to get revenge on ThunderClan too for keeping him prisoner. If he escaped, that is. If he didn’t escape, I think ShadowClan and WindClan would have attacked again, and maybe killed him. If he escaped, he would have probably done a lot of bad stuff, and plotted more with Tigerstar.

He would have also been on BloodClan’s side, and then died a similar death as Tigerstar. He still would have been in the Dark Forest though, so that wouldn’t change. But, you never know what would of happened.

I hope you enjoyed his post!


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I love cats and Warrior cats, I've read most of the books and I am waiting for the newest Warriors book to come out. I have a cat and a dog. I love reading and drawing(Mainly cats). I live in Canada.

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