Tallstar (and Jake)

*Spoilers: The first series all the way to the New Prophecy Series and Tallstar’s Revenge and Winds Of Change*

Tallstar and Jake by Spottedfire23(on amino) and Chaseu (On DevaintArt)

Tallstar is one of my favourite characters. He is so wise and is a father-like figure to Firestar, that’s probably because Jake was Firestar’s father.

In his super edition, he was a grumpy tom as a warrior, and I think Jake helped to change his behaviour. One of the things I really loved about him was his connection with Jake. Jake is awesome, and so is Tallstar. I love the way Jake helped Tallstar change.

Jake is a chubby and friendly kittypet that I just love! He is so happy and optimistic, who couldn’t love him? Okay, enough about how much I love Jake. Isn’t this post about Tallstar? Then let’s make it about Tallstar.

Tallstar has gone through so much! His parents never encouraged him to follow the path he wanted to follow, which made it hard for poor Tallstar. Then, his father died saving Sparrow, but Tallstar (at that time Talltail) thought it was Sparrow’s fault.

The whole reason Tallstar’s Revenge took place was so that he could avenge his father, even though his father hadn’t been a good father to Tallstar. He didn’t let Tallstar follow his dreams. AND THEN Palebird became mates with Woollytail!!!! Poor Talltail thought that was a horrible thing to do, but Talltail did love their kits.

When Tallstar was stuck in Jake’s kittypet house, Tallstar wanted to get out and Jake was just so calm and happy even if Tallstar was snappy. That’s when I started to love Jake. I mean, who couldn’t love kittypets? First Smudge and now Jake! They are just so cute and cuddly!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!

This came out late, as last week was Tallstar’s week.

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