What If?

*Spoilers: first series!*

Would Firestar have become leader if Lionheart had lived?

This question was asked for Warriors Wednesday by Corrie.S.P. and I wanted to make it into a What If.

Story by me!

And by the way, sorry if I make mistakes in this, I haven’t read the first warriors book in a while.

Lionheart patrolling the border :): WarriorCats
Lionheart patroling the border by Dewfrost27 on Reddit

The battle raged on. Lionheart could hear cats screeching around him. Lionheart saw Mousefur fighting two toms. Lionheart leaped over to help her, but he was intercepted by a ginger she-cat. Lionblaze hissed and slashed at the she-cat. The she-cat yowled and hit Lionheart’s face. Lionheart fell to the ground, his head spinning. The she-cat scratched Lionheart and leapt on top of him. The she-cat slashed at Lionheart, Lionheart yowled.

The she-cat lowered down, closer to Lionheart’s neck. Lionheart’s eyes widened, was this the end?

All of the sudden, Lionheart heard a yowl and saw Bluestar fling herself at the she-cat. Lionheart leapt onto his feet, he leaped over to where Bluestar was fighting the ginger she-cat. Lionheart scratched the she-cat.

Him and Bluestar had soon chased the she-cat out of camp.

Lionheart still felt as though his head was spinning.

“Lionheart?” Bluestar meowed. “Are you alright?”

Lionheart gave a curt nod, his legs wobbling, he fell to the ground, his mind gone black.

* * *                     

Lionheart woke. He opened his eyes to see himself in the medicine cat den with Yellowfang beside him.

Yellowfang mabe a grunting noise when Lionheart woke.

Lionheart remembered what had happened and scrambled to his feet.

“Hey!” Yellowfang hissed. “Get back in the nest, I haven’t finished healing your wounds mouse-brain!”

Lionheart shook his head, “I can’t, I have to make sure the clan is alright.”

“They’re all fine.” Yellowfang grumbled. “Now you know, so get back in the nest.”

Lionheart ignored Yellowfang and walked out of the medicine cat den.

“Lionheart!” Lionheart heard Yellowfang hiss from the medicine cat den.

Lionheart padded over to Bluestar who was sitting in the shade of the Highrock.

“Bluestar!” Lionheart meowed. “Is the clan alright?”

Bluestar nodded solemnly. “We lost Rosetail, she died protecting the nursery.”

“May she have a safe journey to StarClan.” Lionheart meowed, dipped his head.

“We will be sitting vigil for her tonight.” Bluestar meowed.

Then, Graypaw raced over. “Lionheart! You’re okay!”

Lionheart smiled, “Indeed I am.”

“He won’t be unless he lets me finish treating his wounds!” Yellowfang meowed as she walked over.

Lionheart grumbled.

“Yeah, that’s right, come on.” Yellowfang meowed.

Lionheart followed Yellowfang back into the medicine cat den.

* * *

Soon, Yellowfang had treated Lionheart’s wounds. Lionheart dipped his head.

“Thanks, that feels much better.” Lionheart meowed.

“Good, you should have stayed here when I told you!” Yellowfang grunted.

Lionheart purred in amusement. Lionheart dipped his head to Yellowfang and padded out of the den, towards Bluestar.

“How’s the clan been while I was in the medicine cat den?” Lionheart asked Bluestar.

“It was fine. Cats are healing, although we are low on prey.” Bluestar answered.

“Alright, I can send some out.” Lionheart meowed.

Bluestar nodded.

“Mousefur, could you lead a border patrol with Whitestorm and Darkstripe?” Lionheart asked Mousefur.

“Sure, should we bring they’re apprentices?” Mousefur meowed.

“No, I believe they will be needed in camp.” Lionheart responded.

The brown she-cat nodded and padded away to get Whitestorm and Darkstripe.

Lionheart smiled. He turned and saw Tigerclaw glaring at him. Lionheart was confused by the hostility in his gaze. He walked over to Tigerclaw.

“Do you need something?” Lionheart asked.

“No. Why do you think that?” Tigerclaw meowed.

“You were staring at me.” Lionheart meowed.

Tigerclaw grunted in response.

“Well, it seems you are not doing anything at the moment, you can lead a hunting patrol with Longtail and Runningwind.” Lionheart meowed.

“Alright.” Tigerclaw grumbled.

Lionheart nodded, he saw the newly named warriors Fireheart and Graystripe sitting at the gorse entrance to the camp. As Mousefur’s patrol passed them, Whitestorm meowed something to them and then Lionheart saw Graystripe stretch and the two warriors walked over to the warriors den excitedly. Lionheart smiled warmly, proud that his apprentice was a warrior now.

Willowpelt padded over to Lionheart.

“Lionheart, should we start patching up the gorse walls?” She asked.

“Absolutely. We need them just in case those mange-pelts try to attack us again.” Lionheart replied.

Willowpelt nodded and padded off.

Lionheart saw Dustpaw sitting at the apprentice den, with Sandpaw beside him.

“Why so glum?” Lionheart asked the apprentices.

“Why should Fireheart and Graystripe get to be warriors before us? They are younger than us!” Sandpaw meowed.

“You both proved yourselves worthy in battle even if you did not get your warrior names. Your time will come soon.” Lionheart meowed.

“Yeah. I guess….but we should have gotten ours first! They got theirs already and we haven’t!” Dustpaw meowed.

“Then you should tell Bluestar about this.” Lionheart meowed.

Both apprentices shuffled their paws.

Lionheart left them to themselves and trotted over to the elders’ den.

“How is it going in here?” Lionheart meowed, popping his head through the opening in the den.

“Well, Smallear has a toothache.” Dappletail meowed solemnly. Lionheart guessed the elders missed Rosetail.

“Did you tell Yellowfang yet?” Lionheart asked.

“No, we were going to.” Halftail meowed.

Lionheart nodded. “I’ll get the apprentices to bring you some fresh kill and prey.”

“Thanks, my belly thinks my throat’s been torn out.” One-eye meowed.

Lionheart purred. “Any time.”

* * *

It was many moons after the battle that had happened at camp. Lionheart was waiting by WindClan camp to help WindClan against ShadowClan(Or RiverClan, sorry! I forgot!). He was part of the second patrol, so they were waiting for the signal to go.

A yowl sounded from WindClan camp, and Lionheart signaled to his warriors that they could go into camp.

They raced into WindClans camp. It was full of screeching and yowling cats. Lionheart leaped into battle. While he was fighting, Tigerclaw leaped over, Lionheart assumed it would be to help him, but instead Tigerclaw aimed for Lionheart and slammed right into him. Lionheart yowled.

Tigerclaw hissed at Lionheart, pinning him to the ground.

“What is the meaning of this!?” Lionheart hissed.

“You had your time as deputy, and it was long enough.” Tigerclaw hissed back.

Tigerclaw slashed at Lionheart’s eyes blinding him. Lionheart struggled to aim blows at Tigerclaw with his vision black.

Lionheart felt Tigerclaw’s breath on his neck. Tigerclaw bit into his neck, making Lionheart yowl. Lionheart’s paws started to fail, and suddenly, everything went black.

The End!


  • Fireheart would have had more information about Tigerclaw to try to convince Bluestar.
  • If Fireheart had become deputy after Lionheart, Tigerclaw may have tried to kill him as well.
  • Things would have gone differently in the parts in between my story, as Tigerclaw was more ambitious and not as calm as Lionheart.
  • Welp, my mind is blank, I haven’t read the first books in a while, so I probably missed a lot of things.

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I love cats and Warrior cats, I've read most of the books and I am waiting for the newest Warriors book to come out. I have a cat and a dog. I love reading and drawing(Mainly cats). I live in Canada.

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