My opinions on the top ten warrior cats

This will have spoilers for the series that these cats are in! So if you don’t know who a cat is, or haven’t read all the books with them, don’t read on them for this post!

This is not in the order for my favourite warrior cats, this is an order according to The Top Tens Website, if you want to see the page, go here:

(Also, of course all of these cats are from Thunderclan ;-;)

1. Firestar

r/WarriorCats - Firestar sketch I made today! Tempted to draw Graystripe or Yellowfang next!
Firestar by U/EmDraws

Firestar is alright. When you start the books, he starts out as the main character, which makes you more likely to have him as a favourite character, I liked him too in the first series. But then, after the first series, I didn’t have him as a favourite character. He was never really my favourite character. I liked Ravenpaw better than Firestar in the first book.

Firestar is always trying to do what’s right, which is good. I know that a lot of people see him as over rated, which is pretty true. He’s a nice tom, but just not the best.

One thing I didn’t really like about him was his connection with Spottedleaf. It didn’t feel right. I mean, forbidden love has happened before, and this one was barely a thing. He only really liked her, or knew that he did once Spottedleaf was dead. I feel like Spottedleaf was just there to confuse Firestar with prophecies and omens. Spottedleaf should give omens to cats who know how to understand the prophecies! Firestar only knew what Spottedleaf meant with the prophecies after whatever the prophecy was telling Firestar about is over. So it doesn’t even help him much.

So, Firestar, you’re an alright character.

2. Jayfeather

Warriors Jayfeather" Greeting Card by Jomadis | Redbubble
I do not know the artist of this picutre!

Well, do I really have to do anything for this? I already made a post for Jayfeather:

3. Yellowfang

Yellowfang by  ARVEN92 on DevaintArt

Poor, poor Yellowfang. She has gone through so much. She’s also a main plot point. If she wasn’t alive, Brokenstar wouldn’t have been born and that would make for something really different.

Poor Yellowfang had to suffer so much for falling in love with her leader, which in my opinion is unjust. Look at leafpool, for one, she fell in love with someone in a different clan and what was her punishment? Becoming a warrior. Not watching everyone suffer because of your son that wasn’t supposed to be born. I’m glad Yellowfang had a better life in ThunderClan.

4. Cinderpelt

My Warriors Designs — Cinderpelt
Cinderpelt by My Warriors Desings on Tumblr

I can see that Cinderpelt would be this high. I love her bubbly personality and how she had to change to a medicine cat. She was so brave and persevered. Cinderpelt is such a happy and kind cat. Just awesome. I also love her connection with Yellowfang.

5. Bluestar

Bluestar by Moonstoner1096 on Reddit.

Bluestar is a great leader. Her super edition is awesome. She had given up everything for her clan. She gave up her kits. She is Firestar’s mentor and I believe at least some ThunderClan cats admired her. She changed so much when she knew about Tigerclaw’s treachery. Then, in the end she died saving her clan and finally got to have time with her kits.

6. Hollyleaf

Hollyleaf by ArtChert on ArtStation

Everyone has a different opinion on Hollyleaf. Some hate her, some loveher. She’s not my favourite character but she is a great character. She’s made some bad choices and some good choices. I haven’t read her Novella yet.

Hollyleaf was so loyal to the warrior code.

I don’t blame Hollyleaf for what happened with her, she couldn’t face the fact that her whole existence was braking the warrior code and the medicine cat code.

I don’t think she’s a bad character(Like some do) but she’s not my favourite character.

7. Graystripe

Graystripe again || Design Ref by reddjazz on DeviantArt
Graystripe by reddjazz on DevaintArt

Already made a post for Graystripe:

8. Spottedleaf

Art by Wings-Of-North(Pic found on BlogClan)

I don’t like Spottedleaf. I talked about her in the Firestar section. She is just not a great character in my opinion. She just gives Firestar confusing prophecies. If Spottedleaf had lived, it wouldn’t have worked out for her and Firestar. I know tons of people like her, but, that’s their opinion. We don’t need so much forbidden love here.

9. Bramblestar

bookclan ; bramblestar | Wiki | Warriors Amino
Image my Spottedfire32 on DevaintArt

Another cat I don’t like.

Bramblestar was good as a warrior and all that, but as a leader? Not so much.

I read Squirrelflight’s hope, and that’s when I started to not like him anymore. I hate how he treats Squirrelfight! Bramblestar doesn’t deserve Squirrelflight. I know he led the cats the sun-drown-place and all, but he just isn’t that great in my opinion.

10. Squirrelflight

Blixemi on Twitter: "Getting closer! Have a Squirrelflight in the  meantime~… "
Squirrelflight by Blixemi

Squirrelflight is spunky, fun character. I love her personality. She such a happy cat and kinda like me. I really like her as a character. She’s so hyper and just optimistic and enthusiastic.

I hope you liked this post!

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