Leopardstar’s Honor; the newest book with the most mistakes

*Spoilers: Read at least the first series and the books that take place before the first series!*

Leopard’s Honor is the next super edition to come out. But, it takes place in between the super editions before the first series, which is a problem. Read the allegiances(Taken from Warriorcats.com):


LEADER     Hailstar—thick-pelted gray tom

DEPUTY     Shellheart— dappled gray tom

MEDICINE CAT     Brambleberry—pretty white she-cat with black-spotted fur, blue eyes, and a strikingly pink nose

WARRIORS   (toms and she-cats without kits)

Rippleclaw— black-and-silver tabby tom
Timberfur— brown tom
Mudfur—long-haired light brown tom
Owlfur— brown-and-white tom
Cedarpelt— brown tabby tom, stout and short-tailed
Lilystem— gray she-cat
Piketooth— skinny brown tabby tom with a narrow face and protruding canine teeth
Softwing— small, lithe, white she-cat with tabby patches
Rainflower—pale gray she-cat
Fallowtail—light brown she-cat with blue eyes and soft fur
Crookedjaw—huge light-colored tabby with a twisted jaw
Oakheart—reddish-brown tom with amber eyes
Graypool— dark gray she-cat with yellow eyes
Beetlenose—tom with crow-black fur
Willowbreeze—pale gray tabby she-cat with amber eyes
Voleclaw— gray tom
Petaldust—tortoiseshell she-cat
Whitefang—white tom with brown paws
Echomist—long-haired gray she-cat, fur tipped with white to give her a soft, cloudy appearance
Mudthorn— brown tom with black ears
Grasswhisker— brown tabby she-cat

QUEENS   (she-cats expecting or nursing kits)

Ottersplash—white-and-pale-ginger she-cat (mother to Sedgekit, a brown tabby she-kit, Loudkit, a dark brown tom, and Reedkit, a pale gray tabby tom)
Lakeshine—pretty, long-haired, gray-and-white she-cat (mother to Sunkit, a pale gray she-kit, and Frogkit, a dark gray tom)
Shimmerpelt—night-black she-cat with glossy pelt (mother to Skykit, a pale brown tabby she-kit, and Blackkit, a black tom; fostering Leopardkit, an unusually spotted golden tabby she-kit)

ELDERS   (former warriors and queens, now retired)

Troutclaw— gray tabby tom
Tanglewhisker—long-haired tabby tom with a thick, knotted pelt
Birdsong—tabby-and-white she-cat with ginger patches around her muzzle, flecked with gray 


LEADER     Pinestar—red-brown tom with green eyes

DEPUTY     Sunfall— bright ginger tom with yellow eyes

MEDICINE CAT     Goosefeather— speckled gray tom with pale blue eyes

     Apprentice, Featherwhisker


Mousefur— small brown she-cat
Patchpelt— small black and white tom
Runningwind—light brown tabby tom
Whitestorm—white tom
Willowpelt— silver she-cat
Stormtail— blue-gray tom with blue eyes
Adderfang—mottled brown tabby tom with yellow eyes

Apprentice, Thistlepaw

Tawnyspots—light gray tabby tom with amber eyes

Apprentice, Rosepaw

Sparrowpelt— big, dark brown tabby tom with yellow eyes
Smallear— gray tom with very small ears and amber eyes

Apprentice, Sweetpaw

White-eye—pale gray she-cat
Thrushpelt— sandy-gray tom with white flash on his chest and green eyes
Patchpelt— small black-and-white tom with amber eyes
Bluefur—thick-furred blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes
Fuzzypelt— black tom with fur that stands on end and yellow eyes
Windflight— gray tabby tom with pale green eyes
Dappletail— tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with amber eyes

Apprentice, Goldenpaw

Speckletail—pale tabby she-cat with amber eyes
Swiftbreeze—tabby-and-white she-cat with yellow eyes

Apprentice, Lionpaw

Poppydawn—long-haired, dark red she-cat with a bushy tail and amber eyes


Leopardfoot— black she-cat with green eyes (mother to Nightkit, a black she-cat; Mistkit, a gray she-cat; and Tigerkit, a dark brown tabby tom)
Snowfur—white she-cat with blue eyes (mother to Whitekit, a white tom)
Robinwing— small, brown she-cat with a ginger patch on her chest and amber eyes (mother to Brindlekit, a pale gray tabby she-kit, and Frostkit, a white she-kit with blue eyes)


Weedwhisker—pale orange tom with yellow eyes
Mumblefoot— brown tom, slightly clumsy, with amber eyes
Larksong—tortoiseshell she-cat with pale green eyes
Stonepelt— gray tom


LEADER     Cedarstar—very dark gray tom with a white belly

DEPUTY     Raggedpelt—large dark brown tabby tom

MEDICINE CAT     Sagewhisker—white she-cat with long whiskers

Apprentice, Yellowfang


Foxheart— bright ginger she-cat
Crowtail— black tabby she-cat
Deerleap— gray tabby she-cat with white legs
Wolfstep—tom with a torn ear
Mudclaw— gray tom with brown legs
Lizardstripe—pale brown tabby she-cat with yellow eyes
Toadskip— dark brown tabby tom with white splashes and white legs
Scorchwind— ginger tabby tom
Amberleaf— dark ginger she-cat with brown legs and ears
Finchflight— black-and-white tom
Nutwhisker— brown tom with amber eyes
Rowanberry— cream-and-brown she-cat with amber eyes
Newtspeck— black-and-ginger tabby she-cat
Ashheart—pale gray she-cat with blue eyes
Frogtail— dark gray tom
Mousewing— black tom with long, thick fur
Boulder— skinny gray tom
Brackenfoot—pale ginger tom with dark ginger legs
Archeye— gray tabby tom with black stripes and thick stripe over eye
Hollyflower— dark-gray-and-white she-cat
Featherstorm— brown tabby she-cat
Poolcloud— gray-and-white she-cat


Nettlespot—white she-cat with ginger flecks (mother to Cloudkit, a white tom)


Littlebird— small ginger tabby she-cat
Lizardfang—light brown tabby tom with one hooked tooth
Stonetooth— gray tabby tom with long teeth


LEADER     Heatherstar—pinkish-gray she-cat with blue eyes

DEPUTY     Reedfeather—light brown tabby tom

MEDICINE CAT     Hawkheart— dark brown tom with yellow eyes

Apprentice, Barkface


Dawnstripe—pale gold tabby with creamy stripes
Talltail—large black-and-white tom with amber eyes

Apprentice, Deadpaw

Redclaw— dark ginger tom
Shrewclaw— dark brown tom with yellow eyes
Woolytail— gray-and-white tom with bright yellow eyes
Stagleap — dark brown tom with amber eyes

Apprentice, Sorrelpaw

Hickorynose— brown tom

Apprentice, Flypaw

Appledawn—pale cream she-cat
Meadowslip— gray she-cat
Mistmouse—light brown tabby she-cat

Apprentice, Bristlepaw

Hareflight—light brown tom

Apprentice, Wrenpaw

Doespring—light brown she-cat

Apprentice, Pigeonpaw

Larksplash—tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat
Aspenfall— gray-and-white tom
Plumclaw— dark gray she-cat

Apprentice, Rabbitpaw

Palebird— black-and-white she-cat
Ryestalk— gray tabby she-cat


Whiteberry— small pure-white tom

Notice anything weird? I did!

Whitestorm is put as a warrior, but it says that Thistleclaw is an apprentice.

Whitestorm is put as a warrior AND a kit, even if his dad is still an apprentice!

Here are some picked up from Warriors Wiki:

  • Grasswhisker is listed as a warrior while her mother is still a kit.
  • Pinestar is listed as ThunderClan’s leader, though he should be a kittypet if Whitestorm has been born.
  • Whitestorm is listed twice, once as a warrior, once as a kit.
  • Thistleclaw is listed as an apprentice, but should be a warrior if Whitestorm is born.
  • Sweetpaw, Mistkit, and Nightkit are listed, even though they should all be dead if Whitestorm is alive.
  • Patchpelt is listed twice.
  • Shrewclaw is listed, though he should be dead by this point.

And all of those mistakes can’t be changed. Which is sad, because those are some bad mistakes!

Here are the mistakes for that book (Has very minor spoilers)

  • Stonefur is mistakenly called Stormfur.
  • Leopardpaw is apprenticed a moon early while the others are apprenticed on time, but in Crookedstar’s Promise, Leopardpaw is apprenticed on time while the other apprentices are apprenticed a moon late.
  • The word, “his,” is used when it should have been, “he.”
  • Oakheart was said to have been killed by ThunderClan, when he was actually killed by a rockslide.
  • Leopardfur says that the Gathering where it was announced that WindClan was driven out will be her first as deputy, however, there was one between this Gathering and Leopardfur’s appointment.
  • Tigerclaw’s eyes are said to be dark amber instead of pale amber.
  • Spottedleaf is shown attending Nightpelt’s first Gathering as leader, despite dying the same day Brokenstar was driven out.
  • Mosspelt was said to have Robinkit in her jaws, with Woodkit and Dawnkit clinging to her back, but a few pages later, she is said to have Dawnkit in her jaws, with Woodkit and Robinkit clinging to her back.
  • Crookedstar is called gray.
  • Runningwind is shown escaping the fire, even though he was killed by Tigerclaw before then.
  • The word, “pet,” is used in place of the word, “pelt.”
  • Mistyfoot is called pale gray.
  • Skyheart is called gray.
  • Featherpaw is mistakenly called Stonefur’s apprentice.
  • Leopardstar is called a tom.
  • Tigerstar says, “TigerClan and BloodClan will rule forever,” but in The Darkest Hour he says, “TigerClan and BloodClan will rule together.”
  • Scourge is called a kittypet.
  • Several TigerClan warriors stay as Tigerstar dies, when in The Darkest Hour, they fled before he lost his final life. 
  • In the comic, Reedpaw is shown as a tabby with a reed-shaped tail.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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  1. Looking back at this now (because I saw the post on your “questioning why Leopardstar’s Honor has so many mistakes”) AGAIN, I actually remembered catching Stonefur called Stormfur!! The author(s) must not proofread their books 😦 lol

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