Why do I think that Bristlefrost is a main character in “The Broken Code”? 

This question was asked for Warriors Wednesday by ♣M!a♪, here is the full question:

Why do you think that Bristlefrost is a main character in “The Broken Code”? She has no powers, no visions, no nothing! Rootspring and Shadowsight have powers, and they’re main characters. So why is Bristlefrost the odd one out?

That’s a great question! So here we go…..

Bristlefrost by Tennleflowers on Tumblr(Why does Tumblr have all the best warrior cat artists?)

I think the authors needed a main character in ThunderClan, but maybe they already had cats with powers or just couldn’t find any powers for her. Bristlefrost is pretty much like any other warrior. She’s in the middle of everything and that helps you to know what’s going on. Bristlefrost as a main character might have been a different way to see what was happening in ThunderClan.

I mean, imagine how different it would of been if Shadowsight didn’t have powers, and Rootspring didn’t have powers! And now imagine that Bristlefrost had powers, how different would that of been? So maybe it just needs to be the way it is.

Thanks for the question! If you wanted more for the question, just say!

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