The Warrior Cats Show|ThunderClan(Part 1)

*Spoilers: Read up to the Broken Code series*

Welcome ladies, gentlemen, people, cats, dogs, and creatures of all kind, to the show you’ve all been waiting for!

The Warrior Cats Show!

Let’s show you all of the cats staring in this show.

(For more information on these characters, go to Warriors Wiki)

First up, the leaders of ThunderClan!


ThunderClan is one of the five clans. It’s the clan that is in the forest. They mainly eat mice and voles.


The leaders of the clans! Their name always ends with ”Star” ex: Goldenstar.


Tumblr media
Thunder by warriorsproject on tumblr

Thunderstar is the founder of ThunderClan. He has big paws and a big heart.


Pinestar by wretched meow meows on tumblr

Pinestar was leader of ThunderClan. But on his last life, he went to live with twolegs.


Image by Dragonwarriorcat on DevaintArt

Sunstar was the leader of ThunderClan after Pinestar.


r/WarriorCats - One of my favorite leaders, Bluestar! 💙💙
Bluestar by u/Moonstoner1096 on reddit

Bluestar is a very popular leader. She sacrificed so much for her clan.


Cat Warriors Kitten Firestar, PNG, 866x454px, Cat, Art, Bluestar,  Carnivoran, Cartoon Download Free
Firestar by an unknown artist

Firestar was the leader after Bluestar. He was the fire that could save the clan.


Bramblestar by Warrior Cat Designs on tumblr

Bramblestar is one of the cats in the prophecy about going to the sundrown place. He was in the dark forest, his body controlled by Ashfur.


The second in command. Becomes leader when the leader dies.

Lightning Tail by Warrior Cat Designs on tumblr

Lightning Tail was the first deputy of ThunderClan. He was friends with Thunderstar.


Redtail's Reboot: Why Redtails Debt NEEDS a Rewrite by HollyleafTheGreat –  BlogClan
Redtail by City’s Warrior Kitties on tumblr

Redtail was one of the many deputies of Thunderclan. He is killed at the start of the first book. So yeah.


Lionheart by
ClimbToTheStars on DevaintArt

Lionheart was a kind and wise deputy. He served his clan under Pinestar’s, Sunstar’s and Bluestar’s leadership.



Whitestorm by Aniritak on DevaintArt

Whitestorm is a noble warrior. He died fighting for his clan.


(I didn’t add some of the deputies ’cause they would be put in a different category.)

Squirrelflight [COMMISSION]
Squirrelflight by Missy Dakota on DevaintArt

Squirrelflight is the current deputy of ThunderClan. He is also the acting leader.

Look out for the next post of The Warrior Cats Show!

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