Did Hawkfrost ever have a mate? And why did he go evil?

This question was asked by ♣M!a♪ for Warrior Wednesday.

*Spoilers: Read up to the second series and Winds Of Change*

Juliane Pilz - Hawkfrost
Art by Juliane Pilz

Hawkfrost never took a mate. I guess he was kind of like Leopardstar, he had other things to do than find a mate. But people have put him with Ashfur, but that didn’t happen in the books.

He might have been driven to power by Tigerstar, because he trained in the Dark Forest with him, and you could tell he was into it more than Brambleclaw was. He also wanted to become deputy and then leader, and take over the clans. He was angry when Mistyfoot returned because Hawkfrost had been “deputy”.

I hope you enjoyed this post!!!

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