Firestar’s Family Tree

*Spoilers for all of Firestar’s kin!!!!!*

jackfancher09 and Spiritkeeper have asked for this post for a while.

So here it goes!

Here is his family tree from Warrior Wiki

Mate:Sandstorm: Deceased, verified StarClan member

Daughters:Squirrelflight: Living (As of The Place of No Stars) Leafpool: Deceased, verified StarClan member

Father:Jake: Deceased, residence unknown

Mother:Nutmeg: Living (As of Fire and Ice)

Sister:Princess: Living (As of Dawn)

Siblings:Filou: Status unknown Luna: Status unknown Tommy: Status unknown

Half-brothers:Scourge: Deceased, no residence Socks: Living (As of The Rise of Scourge)

Half-sister:Ruby: Living (As of The Rise of Scourge)

Ooooooohhhhhh look what I found!

Family Tree -firestar- CANON
Image by KittyStorage

Published by Nat

I love cats and Warrior cats, I've read most of the books and I am waiting for the newest Warriors book to come out. I have a cat and a dog. I love reading and drawing(Mainly cats). I live in Canada.

32 thoughts on “Firestar’s Family Tree

  1. That is awesome I love it!!! I don’t know much about warriors and I haven’t read it but I’ve heard of it from jackfancher09. Because he’s my brother and he talks about it

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  2. Well I did try reading the first chapter and I wasn’t a huge fan of it. I already have a lot of books at home that I like and I make my own books at home but I can’t publish them.

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