The Warrior Cats Show|ThunderClan(Part 3)

*Spoilers for pretty much everyone in ThunderClan*

Welcome one and all! This will hopefully be the last part of the show for Thunderclan!

Let’s continue on the with the elders


Retired toms and she-cats.


100 Warrior Cats Challenge
002 - Sandstorm
Sandstorm best gril
Sandstorm by Shyranno’s Art

A feisty she-cat.


Cloudtail by My Warriors Designs

A fluffy tom raised in a clan although he has kittypet blood.


BrightHeart | Warriors Amino
Brightheart by  ClimbToTheStars

Cloudtail’s mate, was attacked by dogs when she was an apprentice.


Greystripe by  GrayPillow

A very old tom, the last cat living that was one of Firestar’s best friends.


Warrior Cats 063 - Mousefur
Mousefur by Nikumareyaku

A kind she-cat, (I believe) was the first cat to be made an elder in the lake territory.


Longtail by  Spirit-Of-Alaska

An tom who became an elder early because he was blinded by a rabbit.


Young cats who are learning to be medicine cats and warriors.


Swiftpaw by WildDusTT

Swiftpaw was killed by dogs because he had tried something so that he could become a warrior.


Cats who are younger than 6 moons.


Warrior Cat Designs
Snowkit by Warrior Cat Designs

A deaf tom.

There you go! ThunderClan is finished! If there’s anyone I forgot that I maybe should of added because they had a part in the story, say in the comments!

Published by Nat

I love cats and Warrior cats, I've read most of the books and I am waiting for the newest Warriors book to come out. I have a cat and a dog. I love reading and drawing(Mainly cats). I live in Canada.

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