Top Ten Warrior Cat Villains and my Opinion on them.

*Spoilers! If you don’t know who they are, or if there not dead yet in the book you’re reading, maybe don’t look at theirs!*

The top ten warriors villains found on:

Is this list on how bad they where or if people liked them? ‘Cause I don’t know.

1. Tigerstar

See the source image
Tigerstar by  MeshokDobra

People like Tigerstar? Welp, I don’t. He is a villain by heart. I know people like villains, I like some villains, but I don’t like Tigerstar. I mean, he was so powerful, he killed cats, he was one of the reasons Bluestar died, and THEN A TINY ROGUE KILLED HIM. Tigerstar could have done better!

2. Brokenstar

By  WeHaveCandy on DevaintArt

He is evil, do you object? He doesn’t have much (he had a reason, but not a big one) of a reason to be evil though, he was just evil to punish Yellowfang. It was unfair! So many other cats have broken codes in that way and their punishment didn’t punish all the clans! He did some horrible things, like making the elders have to stay outside of camp and take care of themselves!

3. Thistleclaw

By Cat-with-horns on DevantArt

Thistleclaw is someone you wouldn’t want to meet in the Dark Forest. You could say he was the reason that Tigerstar (the first) was so bad. He was going off of his mentor, but there are other reasons too. He was the reason Bluestar gave up her kits, to become deputy instead of him, because she thought that Thistleclaw would lead the clan into bad times. If it weren’t for him, I bet some things in the story would have been very different.

4. Hawkfrost

By Juliane Pilz on ArtStation

Hawkfrost was a good villain, in terms of villains. He tried to kill Firestar and almost succeeded. He tried to get rid of Brook and Storm, and killed Hollyleaf. He was trying to follow in his fathers footsteps and he really did. He even plotted with Mudclaw so he could rule the clans. He may have regretted his decisions in the end, but he was a good villain.

5. Scourge

Scourge Warrior Cats GIF - Scourge Warrior Cats Sagutoyas - Discover &  Share GIFs
By unknown

“Tiny”. That was his name. I don’t think he would of acted the way he did if it weren’t for his siblings, Socks and Ruby, they bullied him for being small. Then Tigerpaw attacked him while he was exploring the forest. It wasn’t his fault he turned out the way he did.

Scourge is a cool villain, he was so powerful for a cat his size and I feel like he should have done more than he did the chapter books (not his manga).

6. Mapleshade

Mapleshade 🍁 : r/WarriorCats
By u/Dragonlordemily on Reddit

Mapleshade had to be one of my favourite villains. We need more villains like her, and you don’t see a lot of she-cats as villains. It wasn’t really her fault she was bad! She may of lied about the father of her kits, but it wasn’t really her lie. Frecklewish said it and Mapleshade went along with it. Mapleshade had a bad mate, he blamed her for their kits death, but how was she supposed to know about the river being dangerous? She wasn’t in RiverClan. Mapleshade is very powerful and she’s a pretty old villain. I think she should have had a bigger part in A Light In The Mist.

7. Sol

By  SatzzzArt on DevaintArt

Sol is manipulating. Think of what he did to Blackstar. He’s not super super villain-y. I mean, he didn’t kill anyone and didn’t try to, and most of the other villains on this list did. He knew about the eclipse, but only from Midnight. One thing is, he said he would return in the books, and he hasn’t, so I’m waiting for him to return!

8. Ashfur

I don’t know who this is by, but I believe the artist is on Tumblr.

*Major spoilers for the newest release, A Light In The Mist*

Squirrelflight chose Bramblestar over him, so he decided to try to kill some kits and later on try to destroy StarClan and the Dark Forest. At least he got what he deserved, to drown in the water at the Dark Forest, but he did have to make Bristlefrost go with him? This guy didn’t have a good enough reason for what he was doing.

9. Clawface

user uploaded image
By unknown, image used on Amino

He killed Spottedleaf, that’s pretty much it. We don’t know enough about him to call him a “Villain”, he was probably just doing what he was told to do. Lionblaze killed Russetfur, and do we call him a villain? Nope!

10. Darkstripe

Darkstripe and Tigerstar by unknown

Darkstripe was always just following Tigerstar. He wasn’t really his own guy, just a minion for Tigerstar. He was an alright villain. I don’t like him villain wise, or just in general, he went too far with trying to poison a kit. I did really like when Firestar (Fireheart at the time) called him “Dirtstrike”. Even thought Darkstrike didn’t hear, it was amazing.

If you have different opinions on these cats, say in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Top Ten Warrior Cat Villains and my Opinion on them.

  1. Cool post! Down below are my opinions on your opinions (or whatever you’d call them) 🙃
    I honestly don’t think Mapleshade had an evil heart! I just think that the death of her kits and how her mate was a jerk affected her. It put evil and vengeance in her heart.
    About Ashfur… His evil reason is a lot like Mapleshade’s… he was hurt that Squirrelflight chose Brambleclaw over him and it put evil and vengeance into his heart
    Clawface… He wasn’t and was evil… I think he did try to kill Spottedleaf (I wasn’t happy when Spottedleaf died, but I wasn’t cheering) and succeed. With the name Clawface, you can kind-of guess that he was kind-of evilish

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