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Why I’m not a fan of Spottedleaf

*Spoilers for (mainly) the Prophecies Begin series, The Omen Of The Stars series and Firestar’s Quest*

Spottedleaf by Joanna Mosińska

One thing I have to say about the relationship with Spottedleaf and Firestar was it didn’t really have a good foundation. Fireheart only began to realise he loved Spottedleaf after she had died. It feels like they were in love just so that there was someone to give prophecies to Fireheart. That’s another thing, she was only there to give Fireheart “riddles” that he only understood after the events that the prophecy predicted. How is that helpful? She might have been trying to help but, it mainly seemed to make Fireheart anxious, worried, confused, and then also made him not have great sleeps.

If that wasn’t enough, when Firestar had a mate, he was still getting dreams from Spottedleaf, which made a conflict with Sandstorm even though it shouldn’t be happening because medicine cats aren’t aloud to have mates or kits or even really love.

In the end Spottedleaf gave up her life to save Firestar’s true love, so that’s fine, but I still believe she wasn’t greatly needed in the story for the most part.


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4 thoughts on “Why I’m not a fan of Spottedleaf

  1. I don’t like Spottedleaf too, mainly for the reason you literally just explained: it had a bad foundation between her and Firestar, and her prophecies seemed to give him a lot of stress.

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