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The present from your feline friend

One thing that happens often is that a cat will bring someone a dead mouse, and that person will often freak out.

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When cats catch a mouse they will usually give it to their owner, why?

Cats will show you the mouse they caught because they are proud of it.

The best thing to do when you find a dead mouse somewhere in your house is to acknowledge it when your cat is around in a different manner then screaming and throwing it straight away in the compost. If you freak out they can become offended, so try to remember that your cat is bringing you a gift. Take a look to see if the mouse is alive, if so, try to get the mouse out of your house as soon a possible. In order to do that, distract your cat with a toy or remove them from wherever you are.

If the mouse is dead, put it in a bin with a tight sealed lid. If you bury it in your garden another predator may come and dig it up.

Cats are hunters. When they see a mouse, they can’t help themselves from chasing it. Cats love to bring people gifts. A mother cat in the wild would bring home prey (usually while alive) to show the kittens how to hunt.

You should consider it an honor if your cat is bringing home dead mice to share with you. It shows that they include you in their family circle.

How to stop your cat from bringing in dead mice

You can’t stop cats predatory instincts, so you have two other options:

  • Keep your cat indoors. If your cat is an outdoor cat, it can’t catch mice indoors, if your cat is catching mice that live in your house, I would suggest doing something more to get the mice out then just having a mouser cat.
  • A collar with a bell. If your cat goes outdoors, they should already have a collar, so add a bell to alert the mice that your cat is on it’s way.

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