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Why where there so many mistakes in Leopardstar’s Honor’s allegiance?

Once I made a post about how Leopardstar’s Honor had a lot of mistakes, you can see the post here, but why?

(These are all guesses and not from any website.)

Why did they make the allegiance in the first place?

I’m assuming they made the allegiance to keep track of all the cats. I have done that before when I was writing a book. It helps you so that your main character is not always interacting with the same people, and so different cats for example, are going on patrols.

So why is there so many mistakes?

Leopardstar’s Honor takes place throughout her whole life, so as time passes, cats get older, die, become warriors etc. To keep track of that they could just put it down and continue writing, the author might forget that for example, Whitestorm is placed as a kit when the author puts him as a warrior. Almost all the mistakes in the allegiance have to do with timeline.

There are plenty of other mistakes, and if you want to see them they can be found on my other post.

And for the other mistakes, that usually is made by the editor. Sometimes an editor may not be very interested in a book, and won’t notice the small mistakes that the fans do. The editor might have not read the other books so they don’t know that some things are a mistake and for the author, since Erin Hunter is a team, they may have not written the other books or remember small details from them while writing.

What do you guys think?

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