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Are Warrior Cat comics manga or graphic novels?

I’ve heard the warrior cat comics called Mangas, and also called graphic novels, but which one are they really?

(This is just my guess and thoughts and not an answer from an editor or author etc.)

What are Mangas? Mangas are comics or Graphic Novels made in Japan. From what I have seen is they are usually read “backwards” or not how I (in Canada) would read a book or comic.

What are Graphic Novels? Graphic Novels are usually made up of different volumes for the same story. They are often longer than other types of “comic” books. Unlike comics and Manga, they do not have a standard size.

I think that the older Warrior Cat comics were Manga, like Tigerstar and Sasha, and all the other ones when they were three or four volumes (not put together) that weren’t coloured, but now, as some are coloured and all the volumes are put together, I would think they are Graphic Novels. The style it seems for the comics are Manga, but Manga (from my experience) is not usually coloured.

On the Warrior Cats website, the comics are categorized as Mangas, so they are classified as Mangas, but to me they are probably graphic novels.

But, since Tigerstar and Sasha remains black and white, was drawn with a more Manga looking like style, and the volumes are still separated and have not been put all into one book, I think Tigerstar and Sasha is still Manga. (The Rise of Scourge too, but I don’t know if that’s been colorized or not now.) Tokoyopop is also I believe a Manga company that produced warrior cat comics.

What do you guys think?


Published by Nat

Hi! I'm Natalie. I live in Canada with my family, my dog and my cat. I enjoy reading, writing and drawing. I'm super into Warrior Cats, Marvel and Lord of the Rings. I love cats, ungulates, squirrels and most other animals.

4 thoughts on “Are Warrior Cat comics manga or graphic novels?

  1. Great ideas! I call them comics or graphic novels, too, lol. I think warrior comics are just graphic novels.
    I think manga would be “defined” by the art style, because manga is usually Japanese anime. Manga usually would define the style of the eyes or noses, for example. It also depends on the artists.
    Manga is a form of graphic novels.
    This is my opinion on them.

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