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Warriors publications of 2022

Since 2023 has just begun, I thought it would be fun to look back on some of the books that were published last year.

Exile from ShadowClan was published June 7th.

Exile from ShadowClan is the newest warrior cats manga set around the time of the first book, Into The Wild, about the elders in ShadowClan under Brokenstar’s leadership.

Sky, A Starless Clan #2, was published November 1st.

I don’t know much of what happens in this book since I haven’t read it yet! Nightheart, Sunbeam and Frostpaw are the protagonists. The cats on the cover from left to right are Nightheart, Fidgetflake and Sunbeam.

Onestar’s Confession was published September 6th.

I haven’t read this one either but I believe it is about Onestar’s life, his journey to becoming leader and happenings while he was leading WindClan.

There may be more that were published but those are the ones I could find.

Seems like I should get reading since I’ve only read one of these books! What about you guys, have you read these warriors books from 2022?


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Hi! I'm Natalie. I live in Canada with my family, my dog and my cat. I enjoy reading, writing and drawing. I'm super into Warrior Cats, Marvel and Lord of the Rings. I love cats, ungulates, squirrels and most other animals.

9 thoughts on “Warriors publications of 2022

      1. It’s probably going to be a Question of the week (making it a new thing on the Warrior cat fans!) though, so you don’t have to use it as the Warriors Wednesday question

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      1. I don’t really mind thought that I have kinda outgrown following the series. I love them, and I will probs re-read them again sometime, but I like looking back and remembering them fondly. I also can understand the memes now😂😈


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