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Write an oath to StarClan

This was for a challenge on Warrior Cats Fans. Mine is a little different than how some other people did it.

Here it is:

Dear StarClan

I come with an oath for you

And for all my clanmates too

We go to battle now

But somehow

It feels not right

And these warriors give me such a fright

Even so

I promise to fight my best

Better than the rest

Hold my head up high

While you watch me from the sky

If death take me

With all my heart I plea

That StarClan will welcome me

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed it!

Published by Nat

Hi! I'm Natalie. I live in Canada with my family, my dog and my cat. I enjoy reading, writing and drawing. I'm super into Warrior Cats, Marvel and Lord of the Rings. I love cats, ungulates, squirrels and most other animals.

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