Why where there so many mistakes in Leopardstar’s Honor’s allegiance?

Once I made a post about how Leopardstar’s Honor had a lot of mistakes, you can see the post here, but why? (These are all guesses and not from any website.) Why did they make the allegiance in the first place? I’m assuming they made the allegiance to keep track of all the cats. IContinue reading “Why where there so many mistakes in Leopardstar’s Honor’s allegiance?”

The present from your feline friend

One thing that happens often is that a cat will bring someone a dead mouse, and that person will often freak out. When cats catch a mouse they will usually give it to their owner, why? Cats will show you the mouse they caught because they are proud of it. The best thing to doContinue reading “The present from your feline friend”

Warrior Cat Of The Week!

Sorry this is late! I thought I had already posted it. This tab froze when I was working on it. Mothwing was suggest for pride month but she will be for this week and next week because this week is almost over. The warrior cat of the week is…… Mothwing! (suggested for Pride Month)

The largest cat and the smallest cat (Breeds)

What breeds of cats hold the record for largest cat or smallest cat? Largest cat The Maine Coon Maine Coons are sometimes referred to as the “Dog of the cat world”, not just because of their size but also their personalities. They used to be commonly Polydactyl (six toes or more) cats. They can weighContinue reading “The largest cat and the smallest cat (Breeds)”

Why I’m not a fan of Spottedleaf

*Spoilers for (mainly) the Prophecies Begin series, The Omen Of The Stars series and Firestar’s Quest* One thing I have to say about the relationship with Spottedleaf and Firestar was it didn’t really have a good foundation. Fireheart only began to realise he loved Spottedleaf after she had died. It feels like they were inContinue reading “Why I’m not a fan of Spottedleaf”

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