Rare animals

(This was an article for my school newspaper) The term ‘Rare animal’ refers to an animal which exists in numbers around the world lower than it should be. It could be that these animals are great at hiding from humans or that they are not popular. Rare also often refers to an animal that isContinue reading “Rare animals”

Warrior Cat(not?) of the Week

The Warrior Cat of the Week is not a cat! So it’s really the Warrior Character of the Week, and they are……… Sharptooth!

Some people think the writing quality of Warriors has diminished over the years. What is your opinion on that?

This question was asked by Corrie.S.P. for Warriors Wednesday. I have to agree. It seems that the quality of it all has diminished. The writing quality used to be better than it is. I haven’t noticed it that much as I’m not one of those people who will. They are also running out of plots,Continue reading “Some people think the writing quality of Warriors has diminished over the years. What is your opinion on that?”

Warrior Wednesday!

I know, it’s Friday, and it’s not the first wednesday of the week, but oh well. Warrior Wednesday is every wednesday. If you do not know what Warrior Wednesday is, go to any of the other warrior wednesday posts!


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About the author

I love cats and Warrior cats, I’ve read most of the books and I am waiting for the newest book to come out. I have currently finished Pax and I am reading a book called The Wizard’s Dog Fetches The Grail(The sequel to The Wizard’s Dog). I have a cat and a dog. I love reading and drawing cats. I have also read the first four Wings Of Fire books. I have started writing many books. I am writing a Warriors fan fiction about my cat Spitzie, who becomes Pinetail. And I am writing a book that includes my dog George as ShiningGeorge. I live in Canada.

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