Warriors Wednesday!

It’s Warriors Wednesday! Go here if you don’t know what it is.

Warrior Cat Of The Week!

Today is Monday, so it’s time for the warrior cat of the week! The Warrior Cat Of The Week is… Ravenpaw! It is also national peanut butter day in the Us!

Worst name in Warriors

The Erin Hunter team likes to make a ton of different words for human things, for example, humans have many different words, like: Twoleg, Twopaw, Upwalker and Nofur. But one of the worst names they came up with was the word for the vet; the Cutter. I assume that the cutter refers to cats beingContinue reading “Worst name in Warriors”

Warriors Wednesday!

It’s warriors Wednesday! If you don’t know what it is…..go here.

What does One Eye do in the books? Is his role vital to the story? What “major” or “minor” changes did he make to the clans/book?

*Spoilers for the Dawn Of The Clans series* This question was asked by ♪M!a♪ for Warriors Wednesday. Here’s the summary of what he did from Warriors Wiki: (which should answer a some of the questions) One Eye was a rogue in the forest who was greedy and hungry for power. He falsely befriended Tom, a former kittypet, and the two convinced ClearContinue reading “What does One Eye do in the books? Is his role vital to the story? What “major” or “minor” changes did he make to the clans/book?”

Warriors Wednesday!

It’s warriors Wednesday! Go here if you don’t know what it is.

Does Frecklewish really belong in the Dark Forest?

*Spoilers for Mapleshade’s Vengeance* Originally on the Warriors Website Go here to see the original version As you know, the Warriors Family Tree was updated with the Dark Forest section in November 2021. We here at Warriors HQ can see from various videos, forum chats and social media posts, that the placement of Frecklewish in this sectionContinue reading “Does Frecklewish really belong in the Dark Forest?”

Warrior cat of the week!

This weeks warrior cat of the week is………. One eye (Dawn of the clans)! I have been doing a bunch of good guys so, it is time to do some bad guys!


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I love cats and Warrior cats, I’ve read most of the books and I am waiting for the newest book to come out. I have currently finished Pax and I am reading a book called The Wizard’s Dog Fetches The Grail(The sequel to The Wizard’s Dog). I have a cat and a dog. I love reading and drawing cats. I have also read the first four Wings Of Fire books. I have started writing many books. I am writing a Warriors fan fiction about my cat Spitzie, who becomes Pinetail. And I am writing a book that includes my dog George as ShiningGeorge. I live in Canada.

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