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Button Swap!

Here is my button! If you would like to see your button here, just comment and I will put it up!

Here is my button:

The button is all by me. At the top right is Crookedstar, below him is Jayfeather. Top left is Tallstar and below him is Blackstar. Middle left is Smudge, beside him is Cherryfall.

Other people’s buttons:

(Click on the image to go to their blog)


32 thoughts on “Button Swap!

      1. Haha.The names are very similar sometimes. Oh, I decide on a warrior name. I am Yellow-ebony now. I am a leader since medicine cat would not really be in my scopes. I will explain more in my post later.

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      1. This is my first time doing it so tell me if I did it wrong. But in my menu, it is under button.


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