Does Frecklewish really belong in the Dark Forest?

*Spoilers for Mapleshade’s Vengeance* Originally on the Warriors Website Go here to see the original version As you know, the Warriors Family Tree was updated with the Dark Forest section in November 2021. We here at Warriors HQ can see from various videos, forum chats and social media posts, that the placement of Frecklewish in this sectionContinue reading “Does Frecklewish really belong in the Dark Forest?”

Frostpaw Of RiverClan

*Spoilers for the Broken Code series* This does not contain spoilers from The Starless Clan series because that has not came out yet. I found this on the Warriors Website and thought that you guys might be interested in reading it. Here is the real one: Originally from the Warriors Website. With their reputationContinue reading “Frostpaw Of RiverClan”

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