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How old are Smudge and Barley?

This question was asked for Warrior Wednesday by Corrie.S.P. Well, I searched up how old Smudge is and didn’t find anything. So, I looked up how old Firestar was. Firestar was 8 years when he died, and that was in the fourth series, so now he would be uh.. I’m not sure. Well, usually oneContinue reading “How old are Smudge and Barley?”


Is Smudge Cloudtail’s father and Princess’s mate?

This question was asked for Warriors Wednesday by ♣M!a♪. So here we go for the answer: That actually would have been really cool, but…Cloudtail’s father is a cat named Oliver. Although, Cloudtail could be related to Smudge, you never know! Welp, I do know, I check Cloudtail’s family tree. Cloudtail is not related to Smudge.Continue reading “Is Smudge Cloudtail’s father and Princess’s mate?”

Tallstar (and Jake)

*Spoilers: The first series all the way to the New Prophecy Series and Tallstar’s Revenge and Winds Of Change* Tallstar is one of my favourite characters. He is so wise and is a father-like figure to Firestar, that’s probably because Jake was Firestar’s father. In his super edition, he was a grumpy tom as aContinue reading “Tallstar (and Jake)”

Why should you read Warriors?

If you haven’t read Warriors by Erin Hunter, then you should read this, it’ll tell you all the reasons you should read Warriors (or pretty much what you should know about it). What is Warriors? Warriors is a fictional book series by Erin Hunter. There are currently about six series and one that is stillContinue reading “Why should you read Warriors?”