Why I’m not a fan of Spottedleaf

*Spoilers for (mainly) the Prophecies Begin series, The Omen Of The Stars series and Firestar’s Quest* One thing I have to say about the relationship with Spottedleaf and Firestar was it didn’t really have a good foundation. Fireheart only began to realise he loved Spottedleaf after she had died. It feels like they were inContinue reading “Why I’m not a fan of Spottedleaf”

The plants what would make the warrior cats go crazy

Their are tons of herbs in the warrior cats series. But there are some plants they don’t have or do have in warriors that would make the cats go crazy! I’ll tell you about them. Catnip Well, most people know that catnip makes cats crazy. It even works on a handful of wild cats. But,Continue reading “The plants what would make the warrior cats go crazy”

Why should you read Warriors?

If you haven’t read Warriors by Erin Hunter, then you should read this, it’ll tell you all the reasons you should read Warriors (or pretty much what you should know about it). What is Warriors? Warriors is a fictional book series by Erin Hunter. There are currently about six series and one that is stillContinue reading “Why should you read Warriors?”

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