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New super edition!

Later this year, a new Warriors Super Edition will be coming out! The warrior cats website is inviting readers to vote on the cover. If you want to vote, and it’s still going on, go here. If you did, I would love to know which one you voted for! I voted for red. The newContinue reading “New super edition!”


Frostpaw Of RiverClan

*Spoilers for the Broken Code series* This does not contain spoilers from The Starless Clan series because that has not came out yet. I found this on the Warriors Website and thought that you guys might be interested in reading it. Here is the real one: Originally from the Warriors Website. With their reputationContinue reading “Frostpaw Of RiverClan”

The Newest book; A Light In The Mist

*Spoilers for the Broken Code series* The blurb: The final battle has arrived, and this time, every Clan—living and dead—must unite to defeat the impostor before he delivers his final blow. To ensure their future and protect their past, StarClan, the Dark Forest, and all five Clans must band together to turn back the tideContinue reading “The Newest book; A Light In The Mist”

Did I read Leopardstar’s Honor yet? If so, did I like/dislike and why? If not, what do I think will happen?

This question was asked by ♪M!a♪ for Warrior Wednesday. *Possible spoilers for Leopardstar’s Honor. I’m actually reading Leopardstar’s Honor right now. I think it’s pretty good, but has took some sharp turns on the story by Chapter 20. I think it’s awesome to see views from different characters. Leopardstar is a good character. I lovedContinue reading “Did I read Leopardstar’s Honor yet? If so, did I like/dislike and why? If not, what do I think will happen?”

Leopardstar’s Honor; the newest book with the most mistakes

*Spoilers: Read at least the first series and the books that take place before the first series!* Leopard’s Honor is the next super edition to come out. But, it takes place in between the super editions before the first series, which is a problem. Read the allegiances(Taken from RIVERCLAN LEADER     Hailstar—thick-pelted gray tom DEPUTY   Continue reading “Leopardstar’s Honor; the newest book with the most mistakes”

The Final Book Of The Broken Code!

The 6th book of the 7th series of warriors, A Light In The Mist, is coming out November 9th of this year(2021). The book features Bramblestar on the cover. Here is the (HarperCollins) blurb: The #1 bestselling Warriors series continues with the thrilling conclusion to the epic Broken Code story arc. The hardcover edition includesContinue reading “The Final Book Of The Broken Code!”