Bramblekit and beyond

*Spoilers for all the series (because he is in all of them) and Squirrelflight’s Hope, so if you don’t know who Bramblekit (or his other names) is, I don’t suggest reading this post) Now that Bramblekit has come all that way to Bramblestar, he has really changed. I know some of the events in theContinue reading “Bramblekit and beyond”

The not-so-great warrior books

(I know, I know, I have Warrior Wednesday questions to answer, but I have not done a post other than Warrior Wednesday or Warrior cat of the week.) Some of the warrior books were not as great as expected to be. Here are the ones that I didn’t like that much; *Spoilers for the booksContinue reading “The not-so-great warrior books”

Worst name in Warriors

The Erin Hunter team likes to make a ton of different words for human things, for example, humans have many different words, like: Twoleg, Twopaw, Upwalker and Nofur. But one of the worst names they came up with was the word for the vet; the Cutter. I assume that the cutter refers to cats beingContinue reading “Worst name in Warriors”

My favourite books of 2021

(This is not a list of books that came out in 2021, it is a list of my favourite books I read in 2021) I did a lot of reading last year. I read a lot anyway but I also read everyday in class last school year. Here are some of my favourite books IContinue reading “My favourite books of 2021”

Frostpaw Of RiverClan

*Spoilers for the Broken Code series* This does not contain spoilers from The Starless Clan series because that has not came out yet. I found this on the Warriors Website and thought that you guys might be interested in reading it. Here is the real one: Originally from the Warriors Website. With their reputationContinue reading “Frostpaw Of RiverClan”

Warrior cat maps|Maps in the making

They’re are so many awesome warrior cats maps, and some still being worked on. I’m going to show you some being worked on. I can’t wait for this to come out! It uses the We Don’t Talk About Bruno from Encanto for Goosefeather, and I really think it works for him. Another Encanto song. IfContinue reading “Warrior cat maps|Maps in the making”

New year, new things.

This (Chinese) year it will be the year of the tiger! My goal this year is to do 200 posts and have 30 followers by the end of the year. I will be doing new things this year as well. I will be posting things from the Warrior cats website, so you, (and I) canContinue reading “New year, new things.”

Vote on my profile picture again!

I’ve done this before, and since I feel like changing my profile, I want your vote on what it should be! Here are the pictures you can vote for: Artists unknown. Squirrelflight 2. Tallstar and Jake 3. Tallstar and Jake (2) 4. Longtail, Purdy and Mousefur 5. Mapleshade 6. Yellowfang Who do you vote for?Continue reading “Vote on my profile picture again!”

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