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Warrior cats names literally!

Everyone likes to do warrior cats literally, so I want to find pictures of what they would actually look like. Let’s do the first series! As this week’s warrior cat of the week is Runningnose, here is a picture of a running nose: Here is a ton by iycewing on DevaintArt: Aren’t these funny? IfContinue reading “Warrior cats names literally!”

The longest living cats: Which one is the most immortal?

*Spoilers: At least read the first series, but it’s best if you read most of the warrior books* Everyone likes to joke that Mistystar is immortal, but what about Graystripe and Barley? So now we get to…. Mistystar Graystripe and Barley Mistystar: Mistystar was born to Bluestar, even before Graystripe was born. Mistystar is 16Continue reading “The longest living cats: Which one is the most immortal?”