(Re-blog!)Leafwhisker’s Bravery (requested by Nat)

Originally posted on Warriors FanFictions:
Cat’s name: LeafwhiskerCat’s pelt pattern: A brown tabby with a white chest and white paws.Gender: She-catClan: WindClanRank: DeputyGenre: Uh, the genre that the warriors series are.More details: A ragging wind storm crashes on WindClan, the cats have to evacuate camp. Can they survive this storm? Can they rebuild their camp?Name:…

Re-blog: Snow-wind’s Destiny (requested by anonymous)

Originally posted on Warriors FanFictions:
This request was by anonymous. It was asked to be short and chapter-less. Hope you like it, anonymous! BraveClan LEADER | Barkstar – old blue-gray tom with gray eyes DEPUTY | Twistedtail – gray tabby tom with a twisted tail since he was born and blue eyes MED. CAT |…

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