The Warrior Cats Show|ThunderClan(Part 3)

*Spoilers for pretty much everyone in ThunderClan* Welcome one and all! This will hopefully be the last part of the show for Thunderclan! Let’s continue on the with the elders Elders Retired toms and she-cats. Sandstorm A feisty she-cat. Cloudtail A fluffy tom raised in a clan although he has kittypet blood. Brightheart Cloudtail’s mate,Continue reading “The Warrior Cats Show|ThunderClan(Part 3)”

The Warrior Cats Show|ThunderClan(Part 2)

*Spoilers: For literally everything except deaths.* Welcome to the second part of the wonderful Warriors Cats Show! (Just by the way, not all of these cats are alive) We are still in ThunderClan, but now we are at… Medicine cats The wonderful and caring healers of the clans. Cloudspots The first healer of ThunderClan. GoosefeatherContinue reading “The Warrior Cats Show|ThunderClan(Part 2)”

The Warrior Cats Show|ThunderClan(Part 1)

*Spoilers: Read up to the Broken Code series* Welcome ladies, gentlemen, people, cats, dogs, and creatures of all kind, to the show you’ve all been waiting for! The Warrior Cats Show! Let’s show you all of the cats staring in this show. (For more information on these characters, go to Warriors Wiki) First up, theContinue reading “The Warrior Cats Show|ThunderClan(Part 1)”

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