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Chat 💬

Here we can chat about warrior cats. You can also talk about other things, if you want. Just mainly warrior cats! If your surprised about something, you can say. You want to know something, just say!

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63 thoughts on “Chat 💬

    1. You don’t have to do any if you don’t want to, it is not needed, because I have not paid for anything on this blog and I am doing pretty well with it.


  1. Dear Nat, I’m sorry my sister copied your blog. You might be confused, but here’s what really happened: I was recommended to wordpress. So I made a blog. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of telling her. She got onto my blog, and copied everyone I was following! So I apologize for her. You do not have to accept my apology. Also, my name is Angelina. Crystal is my sister’s name.

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    1. Oh alright, that makes sense! I accept your apology! I know what it is like to have siblings. Your sister shouldn’t be doing that, that is not a nice thing to do. I’m glad that it wasn’t actually you!

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      1. Thank you so much! Again, I’m so sorry! My sister was angry at me and she did that to get me back. Also, I can’t find Elicia H’s blog. I wanted to apologize to her 😦

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      2. She made her site private sadly if you wanted to apologize! You’re welcome! And you don’t have to be so sorry, it wasn’t you, it was your sister.


      1. Alright. So, when you are on your gravatar, you go to “My profile” and go to “background” and you can chose your background.


      1. Okay! Can I be Twilighttwinkle? I am a dilute calico she-cat with purple eyes, and I have a sister named Lemonshade and a mother named Silkshard. I would like to have an apprenticed named Ivypaw (Later Ivyflutter) (you don’t have to add my sister, apprentice, or mother, but it’d be nice if you did 🙂 )

        Lemonshade: yellow tabby she-cat with lovely pale yellow eyes
        Silkshard: creamy-white she-cat with purple eyes
        Ivypaw: black-and-white she-cat with ginger eyes

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