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Our clan!

Here is what I have so far of our clan we are having here! Go to this post to be part of it!

Leader – Leafstar(me)- A brown tabby she-cat with a white chest and white paws with yellow eyes


Medicine cat – Sagewind(my mom) – A orange tabby with green eyes


Mediator – Twilighttwinkle (♪M!a♪)Dilute calico she-cat with purple eyes

Apprentice – Ivypaw – black-and-white she-cat with ginger eyes


Mintstripe-(Spiritkeeper) pale brown she-cat with black dots on her muzzle and bright green eyes.

Tabbystrike- (alicescupcakejournal)an orange tabby with green eyes

Apprentice– Eaglepaw

Moonfern- (Dreamclaw) a sliver tabby she-cat with black and white flecks with minty green eyes

Apprentice – Tangerinepaw

Robinsong – (Moonfern’s father) a brown tabby with red patches

Meltshard (Moonfern’s brother) – a blue-sliver tabby tom with icy blue eyes


Eaglepaw- brown tom with one yellow eye and one green eye

Tangerinepaw – orange she-cat with peach underbelly and paws with amber eyes


Dreamheart (Moonfern’s mother) – A silver tabby with blue eyes


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