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Warriors publications of 2022

Since 2023 has just begun, I thought it would be fun to look back on some of the books that were published last year. Exile from ShadowClan was published June 7th. Exile from ShadowClan is the newest warrior cats manga set around the time of the first book, Into The Wild, about the elders inContinue reading “Warriors publications of 2022”

Are Warrior Cat comics manga or graphic novels?

I’ve heard the warrior cat comics called Mangas, and also called graphic novels, but which one are they really? (This is just my guess and thoughts and not an answer from an editor or author etc.) What are Mangas? Mangas are comics or Graphic Novels made in Japan. From what I have seen is theyContinue reading “Are Warrior Cat comics manga or graphic novels?”

Some people think the writing quality of Warriors has diminished over the years. What is your opinion on that?

This question was asked by Corrie.S.P. for Warriors Wednesday. I have to agree. It seems that the quality of it all has diminished. The writing quality used to be better than it is. I haven’t noticed it that much as I’m not one of those people who will. They are also running out of plots,Continue reading “Some people think the writing quality of Warriors has diminished over the years. What is your opinion on that?”

How long does it take to make a warriors book?

The Erin Hunter team sell one or two warriors book in series every year, and also a super edition. But how long does it actually take? Over the years, the time it has taken has gotten shorter, but not too short! If we look at when the Light In The Mist was released and whenContinue reading “How long does it take to make a warriors book?”

The not-so-great warrior books

(I know, I know, I have Warrior Wednesday questions to answer, but I have not done a post other than Warrior Wednesday or Warrior cat of the week.) Some of the warrior books were not as great as expected to be. Here are the ones that I didn’t like that much; *Spoilers for the booksContinue reading “The not-so-great warrior books”

My favourite books of 2021

(This is not a list of books that came out in 2021, it is a list of my favourite books I read in 2021) I did a lot of reading last year. I read a lot anyway but I also read everyday in class last school year. Here are some of my favourite books IContinue reading “My favourite books of 2021”