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Bramblekit and beyond

*Spoilers for all the series (because he is in all of them) and Squirrelflight’s Hope, so if you don’t know who Bramblekit (or his other names) is, I don’t suggest reading this post) Now that Bramblekit has come all that way to Bramblestar, he has really changed. I know some of the events in theContinue reading “Bramblekit and beyond”


Warrior cat of the week!

The warrior cat of the week is…. Juniperclaw! *Spoilers for The Broken Code series and the Vision Of Shadows.* Juniperclaw was first seen as a bad guy because he poisoned SkyClan’s fresh kill pile. I mean, that is a bad guy move. But I don’t think he was totally a bad guy. And in theContinue reading “Warrior cat of the week!”

Why was Brokenstar so evil?

(late post) This question was asked by Corrie.S.P. for Warriors Wednesday. *Spoilers for the first – (maybe) fourth series and Yellowfang’s secret* Brokenstar was evil for many reasons. The first, to punish Yellowfang for having kits and a mate when she was a medicine cat. The rest of her kits died (two she-kits) and onlyContinue reading “Why was Brokenstar so evil?”

Does Frecklewish really belong in the Dark Forest?

*Spoilers for Mapleshade’s Vengeance* Originally on the Warriors Website Go here to see the original version As you know, the Warriors Family Tree was updated with the Dark Forest section in November 2021. We here at Warriors HQ can see from various videos, forum chats and social media posts, that the placement of Frecklewish in this sectionContinue reading “Does Frecklewish really belong in the Dark Forest?”

Snowtuft is Snowkit?

*Spoilers from the first series to the newest* A lot of people have started making theories on how Snowkit could be Snowtruft. We don’t really know when Snowtruft was from, so this could make sense. Snowkit died at a very young age, as a deaf cat, so perhaps, as StarClan did with Cinderpelt, they gaveContinue reading “Snowtuft is Snowkit?”

Which StarClan cat would you choose to lead the dark forest?

*Spoilers for the fourth series and up* Spiritkeeper asked this question for Warriors Wednesday. She also asked it the other way around. Hm…. that’s actually a hard question. For the Dark Forest, I would let a cat lead that knows that not all the cats in the Dark Forest are as bad as they seem.Continue reading “Which StarClan cat would you choose to lead the dark forest?”

Top Ten Warrior Cat Villains and my Opinion on them.

*Spoilers! If you don’t know who they are, or if there not dead yet in the book you’re reading, maybe don’t look at theirs!* The top ten warriors villains found on: Is this list on how bad they where or if people liked them? ‘Cause I don’t know. 1. Tigerstar People like Tigerstar? Welp,Continue reading “Top Ten Warrior Cat Villains and my Opinion on them.”