Bramblekit and beyond

*Spoilers for all the series (because he is in all of them) and Squirrelflight’s Hope, so if you don’t know who Bramblekit (or his other names) is, I don’t suggest reading this post) Now that Bramblekit has come all that way to Bramblestar, he has really changed. I know some of the events in theContinue reading “Bramblekit and beyond”

Three Warriors Wednesday Questions

These Warriors Wednesday questions where asked by Corrie.S.P. What is Juniperclaw’s family tree and mentor? Who is the cat who saved Violetshine? Here is Juniperclaw’s first family: Mother: Dawnpelt Father: Crowfrost Sister: Sleekwhisker Brother: Strikestone His mentor was Stonewing. I couldn’t find who saved Violetshine. I also don’t own the Broken Code books as IContinue reading “Three Warriors Wednesday Questions”

Warrior cat of the week!

The warrior cat of the week is…. Juniperclaw! *Spoilers for The Broken Code series and the Vision Of Shadows.* Juniperclaw was first seen as a bad guy because he poisoned SkyClan’s fresh kill pile. I mean, that is a bad guy move. But I don’t think he was totally a bad guy. And in theContinue reading “Warrior cat of the week!”

What is my favourite book Crowfeather is in?

This Warriors Wednesday question was asked by Corrie.S.P.. Crowfeather is in a lot of books, mainly as a side character that doesn’t do much. One book that he appears in more, that I like, would have to be Crowfeather’s trial. I like this book but not just because it is his super edition, but forContinue reading “What is my favourite book Crowfeather is in?”

Why was Brokenstar so evil?

(late post) This question was asked by Corrie.S.P. for Warriors Wednesday. *Spoilers for the first – (maybe) fourth series and Yellowfang’s secret* Brokenstar was evil for many reasons. The first, to punish Yellowfang for having kits and a mate when she was a medicine cat. The rest of her kits died (two she-kits) and onlyContinue reading “Why was Brokenstar so evil?”

Was Ravenpaw right by running away and going into hiding? Did he and Firepaw do the right thing? Would Ravenpaw have made a good leader?

These questions were asked for Warriors Wednesday by Corrie.S.P. *Spoilers from the first book and maybe the first series* I think Ravenpaw was. If he stayed, there could of been a chance he would get killed by Tigerclaw for what he knew. Did Firepaw and him do the right thing? I think so. If theyContinue reading “Was Ravenpaw right by running away and going into hiding? Did he and Firepaw do the right thing? Would Ravenpaw have made a good leader?”

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