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Frustrating Firestar

*Spoilers for A Starless Clan 2# River and earlier books.* I recently read the second book of A Starless Clan, River. It made me very frustrated about ThunderClan and Firestar. Nightheart, the protagonist in ThunderClan, has been dealing with problems. His clanmates can’t see him for who he is, just who his kin is, Firestar.Continue reading “Frustrating Firestar”

Write an oath to StarClan

This was for a challenge on Warrior Cats Fans. Mine is a little different than how some other people did it. Here it is: Dear StarClan I come with an oath for you And for all my clanmates too We go to battle now But somehow It feels not right And these warriors give meContinue reading “Write an oath to StarClan”

Warriors publications of 2022

Since 2023 has just begun, I thought it would be fun to look back on some of the books that were published last year. Exile from ShadowClan was published June 7th. Exile from ShadowClan is the newest warrior cats manga set around the time of the first book, Into The Wild, about the elders inContinue reading “Warriors publications of 2022”

Are Warrior Cat comics manga or graphic novels?

I’ve heard the warrior cat comics called Mangas, and also called graphic novels, but which one are they really? (This is just my guess and thoughts and not an answer from an editor or author etc.) What are Mangas? Mangas are comics or Graphic Novels made in Japan. From what I have seen is theyContinue reading “Are Warrior Cat comics manga or graphic novels?”

Why where there so many mistakes in Leopardstar’s Honor’s allegiance?

Once I made a post about how Leopardstar’s Honor had a lot of mistakes, you can see the post here, but why? (These are all guesses and not from any website.) Why did they make the allegiance in the first place? I’m assuming they made the allegiance to keep track of all the cats. IContinue reading “Why where there so many mistakes in Leopardstar’s Honor’s allegiance?”

Warrior Cat Of The Week!

Sorry this is late! I thought I had already posted it. This tab froze when I was working on it. Mothwing was suggest for pride month but she will be for this week and next week because this week is almost over. The warrior cat of the week is…… Mothwing! (suggested for Pride Month)

Why I’m not a fan of Spottedleaf

*Spoilers for (mainly) the Prophecies Begin series, The Omen Of The Stars series and Firestar’s Quest* One thing I have to say about the relationship with Spottedleaf and Firestar was it didn’t really have a good foundation. Fireheart only began to realise he loved Spottedleaf after she had died. It feels like they were inContinue reading “Why I’m not a fan of Spottedleaf”

New edition to the blog!

I haven’t been posting as much as I used to (as you have probably noticed) so I have decided to add something new. I am running out of ideas about Warriors, so I am going to start posting about other things. I am part of my school newspaper so I might post the articles IContinue reading “New edition to the blog!”

Some people think the writing quality of Warriors has diminished over the years. What is your opinion on that?

This question was asked by Corrie.S.P. for Warriors Wednesday. I have to agree. It seems that the quality of it all has diminished. The writing quality used to be better than it is. I haven’t noticed it that much as I’m not one of those people who will. They are also running out of plots,Continue reading “Some people think the writing quality of Warriors has diminished over the years. What is your opinion on that?”