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Warrior cats of the weeks

You, yes you, get to have a say in what the Warrior cats of the weeks will be. You can say in the comments and I will only take ones that haven’t been done before or aren’t on the list of ones who will be done.

Your suggestion MUST be a real character from warriors (if you really want it doesn’t have to be an animal)

Warrior cats of the weeks already:

Bramblestar Mistystar Redtail Bluestar Juniperclaw Heathertail Rosetail Crowfeather Stagleap Dustpelt Brambleberry Darktail Tree Bellaleaf Skystar/Clear Sky Leopardstar Goldenflower Brokenstar Ravenpaw Darkstripe One Eye (DOTC) Puddleshine Brightheart Tawneypelt Scourge Shadowsight Longtail Hawkfrost Smudge Waspwhisker Cherrytail Jake Crookedstar Runningnose Tallstar Brindleface Sandstorm Sharpclaw Sleekwhisker Ferncloud Sharptooth



Try not to repeat any but it’s fine if you do!


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