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Bramblekit and beyond

*Spoilers for all the series (because he is in all of them) and Squirrelflight’s Hope, so if you don’t know who Bramblekit (or his other names) is, I don’t suggest reading this post)

Tigerclaw and Bramblekit by TobyKitten (found on pintrest)

Now that Bramblekit has come all that way to Bramblestar, he has really changed. I know some of the events in the Dark Forest and with Ashfur have shaken him, but when he became leader, he just wasn’t the same as he was as a warrior. In Squirrelflight’s Hope, you can see how much he has changed since he became leader. He was mean to Squirrelflight and wouldn’t listen to her or care for her decisions.

When we first meet Bramblekit he is a little innocent kit which Fireheart is not so fond of and believes he will turn out like his father. Other cats feel the same way, which makes Tawneypelt leave Thunderclan. Tigerclaw being Bramblekit’s father has a big impact on him and as an apprentice and a warrior, he has to prove he is not an evil cat like his feather and that he is loyal to his clan. As deputy and an older warrior, he was you could say, a little misguided, but then as a leader, it changed. He yelled at Squirrelflight and went against everything she wanted to do if it involved the Sisters. And now, after his time in the Dark Forest, whenever he is a little strict or pushy, cats get scared. I don’t know how this will end up in future books, but I can see both sides of the problem. Bramblestar struggling to be a leader after what happened to him, and every cat scared of him being to harsh.

What do you guys think?


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