*Spoilers: Read all of the series, he’s in all of them! And super editions! He is also in Graystripe’s Adventure and Graystripe’s Vow.*

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Graystripe has been in the books since the beginning. You could say he’s just behind Mistystar in immortality. He doesn’t even have nine lives. A lot of people like him. I did too before he kind of betrayed his friend.

Maybe I would like him more if I read Graystripe’s Vow, which I intend to read. I haven’t bought it yet because it is in hardcover and I have a lot of more books to read. I will add more when I have read it!

In the first book, Graystripe was a great and funny friend. But then, that friendship turned upside down in the second book. He falls in love with Sliverstream and isn’t a good friend to Fireheart; he even gets into a fight with Fireheart! He’s loyal, but causes a lot of trouble for his friends and clan.

Once Sliverstream dies Graystripe mourns her. He only visits his kits and crowds the nursery for the poor queens. He doesn’t go on many patrols, just mourning for a while.

Once the RiverClan cats come for the kits once again, Graystripe decides to give his kits to RiverClan, but goes with them because he can’t bear to lose them. Fireheart is surprised and sad. Now he is deputy without his friend by his side. At least Sandstorm stayed with him.

When Graystripe is exiled from RiverClan, he comes back to ThunderClan. Bluestar lets him back in and Fireheart is happy. Graystripe is loyal to his clan again and when they go to save his kits, he proves loyal to his clan and kits.

When Whitestorm dies in The Darkest Hour, Firestar makes Graystripe his deputy. Graystripe was a good deputy, and had to lead the clan while Firestar was away in Firestar’s Quest.

When Graystripe is taken by Twolegs, he meets Millie. Millie is a great character. When they come back to the clans, everyone is so surprised. When they settle in, Brambleclaw stays as deputy, because Graystipe didn’t know the clan boundaries. When Millie had kits, Graystripe was happy. Then, Briarpaw broke her spine.

Millie worried much more about Briarpaw than Graystripe did. He wasn’t the best father to his second litter of kits. But who would he choose in StarClan? Millie or Sliverstream? Maybe Millie? She was in the same clan as Graystripe, and she had the advantage of time. Millie went on a whole adventure with him. She spent more time with Graystripe.

Now Graystripe has been leading the clan when he came back from his journey since Squirrelflight went into the Dark Forest with Ashfur. Everyone was happy to have him back and have someone in charge. He led them while everyone was anxious and scared.

Before he was leading the clan while Squrrielflight was away, he went on a journey, as he was claimed as one of the code breakers, the next is in Graystripe’s Vow. Sorry, I haven’t read it yet!

And before that, he was an elder along with others like Cloudtail.

Mistakes in Graystripe’s Vow:

Woodpaw is listed as a warrior, despite being an apprentice.

Brambleclaw is listed as an apprentice, despite being a warrior.

Willowpelt is listed in the allegiances, despite being dead at the time.

Rowanclaw is called a she-cat.

A period and a comma are used when it should just be a comma.

Cinderpelt is called Cinderheart.

Graystripe is mistakenly said to have mentored countless apprentices.

The Moonstone is called the Moonpool.

Bugeater describes Twoleg kits as human kits despite Twolegs only being referred to as housefolk in the series prior.

Gremlin is depicted as a solid-colored cat.

I hope you enjoyed this post about Graystripe!

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