What If?

*Spoilers for the first series*

Corrie.S.P. had a Warriors Wednesday question, “What would of happened if Firestar knew Scourge was his half brother?” So here I am, making a What If? out of it.

Sorry if I get a little bit of the time line wrong!

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By Unknown

Tallstar was dreaming. He saw Jake with one she-cat and then another, with kits. Then his vision changed to two of the kits, as adults, battling to the death.

Tallstar woke, the moss from his bed scattered around his den. Tallstar got up with a stretch and walked out of his den. He wondered what the dream could of meant. Tallstar saw Mudclaw organizing patrols and dipped his head to the brown tom as he passed. Tallstar headed for the medicine cat den, where Barkface was putting herbs away.

“Barkface.” Tallstar meowed, “I need to talk to you.”

“Alright.” Barkface meowed, sitting down. Tallstar sat down as well.

“I had a odd dream…” Tallstar began, and told Barkface about the dream.

Barkface listened intently. “What do you think this dream means?” He asked.

“Why are you asking me that?” Tallstar meowed.

“Because it’s your dream.” Barkface rolled his eyes.

“I don’t know what the dream means, just that one of the kits looked very familiar.” Tallstar anwsered.

“Which kit?” Barkface asked.

“The orange kit with green eyes.” Tallstar responded.

“Orange kit? Like fiery orange?” Barkface’s eyes widened.

“Yes, what does that mean?” Tallstar asked.

“Firestar is an orange cat who’s pelt glows like fire in the sunlight…”

* * *

All the clans had been called to gather at Fourtrees. Tigerstar had gathered them here. A small black cat with a white paw and a purple collar with dogs teeth or claws on it was sitting beside Tigerstar.

Tigerstar began to talk, Tallstar listened, his eyes widened as he noticed that the small cat looked a lot like in the cat in his dreams. A thought sparked in his mind, this cat must be Firestar’s half brother!

“Firestar,” Tallstar whispered.

Firestar leaned over to Tallstar, listening.

“The black cat is your half brother.” Tallstar meowed.
* * *

The clans where standing, united as LionClan, looking at Tigerstar with Scourge and BloodClan.

Firestar didn’t know what do to, Scourge, the enemy, was his half brother!

“BloodClan attack!” Tigerstar yowled.

“No one orders my clan, but me.” Scourge snarled. He sliced Tigerstar’s belly with claws that were bigger than they should have been; dog claws.

Tigerstar yowled in agony, life after life being ripped out of him. Firestar felt pity for the evil cat, even though he was a traitor, no one should have to die like this.

Firestar was in shock.

“Wait, Scourge, there must be a different way to do this, other than fighting.” Firestar meowed.

Scourge nodded, he would listen to what this cat had to say, but it wouldn’t make a difference.

“I’m your half brother.” Firestar meowed.

“How?” Scourge asked. He didn’t believe what this cat was saying.

“Your father, is my father to, we just have different mothers.” Firestar responded.

Scourge now believed this cat was speaking the truth. Scourge shrugged. “BloodClan, attack!”

“LionClan!” Firestar ordered, “Attack!”

For ages the battle went on, Firestar had lost a life, and now he had Scourge pinned to the ground. But he couldn’t make the final blow, this cat was his half brother.

“What are you waiting for?” Scourge snarled. “Do it, or are you soft?”

Thoughts where whirling in Firestar’s mind.

Scourge pushed Firestar off with his hind paws, sending Firestar flying. Firestar hit with ground with a thump. He heard a shriek, Firestar raced over to the sound, and found Scourge’s limp body on the ground, Whitestorm was standing above it.

“Scourge is dead!!” A BloodClan cat yowled. All the BloodClan cats fled, or where chased away.

“Whitestorm! You’re amazing!” Brightheart purred. “You did it! You killed Scourge!”

Everyone huddled around Whitestorm, congratulating him and celebrating. Firestar hung back, it was supposed to be him, there was the prophecy and everything, but instead he hadn’t because he had known that Scourge was his half brother.

The End

So, in conclusion, a lot of things would of gone differently, mainly because Whitestorm would still be alive.

  • Whitestorm would have stayed as deputy, and then Greystripe wouldn’t of became deputy at that time.
  • Maybe at some point Whitestorm would of been leader or moved to the elders den.

If you can think of any more say them in the comments!

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I love cats and Warrior cats, I've read most of the books and I am waiting for the newest Warriors book to come out. I have a cat and a dog. I love reading and drawing(Mainly cats). I live in Canada.

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