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Who is my favourite warrior cats character and why?

This question was asked to me on Warriors Wednesday by sajones39.

Here is the answer!

Spoilers: From series 3 (Power Of Three) to the current series (The Broken Code).

Art by Chyllii on tumblr

My favourite character is Jayfeather, he is a great character. With him, you really get a different point of view; no other time in Warriors have you been in the mind of a blind cat.

It’s a different experience. Jayfeather is grumpy but also kind. His life is hard, because he always wanted to become a warrior but he couldn’t because he’s blind. He is a great medicine cat and great with herbs even though he can’t see them, he can only smell them.

He is one of The Three with the power of the stars in their paws. He has a very special connection to StarClan and can see in his dreams. He was the first cat in the prophecy of the The Three to know about the prophecy. The prophecy was given to Firestar by a SkyClan cat named Skywatcher.

Here is the full prophecy:

“There will be three, kin of your kin, with the power of the stars in their paws.” -Skywatcher.

Jayfeather is the current medicine cat of ThunderClan, along with Alderheart.

He has two siblings: Hollyleaf and Lionblaze.

His parents are Crowfeather and Leafpool.

His mentor was Leafpool.

He was a mentor to Alderheart.

His clan is ThunderClan

He is a medicine cat.


Published by Nat

I love cats and Warrior cats, I've read most of the books and I am waiting for the newest Warriors book to come out. I have a cat and a dog. I love reading and drawing(Mainly cats). I live in Canada.

17 thoughts on “Who is my favourite warrior cats character and why?

    1. Yes! It is special! It lets him speak to The Ancients, the first ever clan cats. (The comment above this was not asked by me, but don’t worry, I know this person, they where just accidentally on my account!)

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  1. Jayfeather’s personality is very different then most cats and it brings some humor to, by the way Nat I have nominated you for the warrior cats award its one of my new post check it out!

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    1. Yeah! Medicine cats are awesome! It was very different when you had for the first time a protagonist that was a medicine cat! Medicine cats are usually very kind and caring, as they have to care for their whole clan, even the leader! They even sometimes get to tell the leader what to do if the leader is sick or unwell!


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